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Original Thread: Is that a universe in your pocket? Let's play Chronomaster!



What is this?

Chronomaster is a point 'n' click adventure game that was released in 1995 by DreamForge Intertainment. The plot was written by Roger Zelazny, an award-winning novelist of many works, which turned out to be his last project as he died before the game was completed.

In the world of Chronomaster, specialists have created a business in creating pocket universes for their own or other people's design. Someone has found a way to hack into these universes and putting them into temporal status. We take on the role of Rene Korda (Voiced by Ron Perlman), who was once a designer of these universes but has since retired. The retirement doesn't seem to last long as we are soon called up and hired to find out who is responsible for hacking into these universes.

This is a standard point 'n' click in most aspects, we also have a fancy ship with some neat functions. This is also another game from my youth that I remember fondly, even though I never completed it as I died a lot and ended up losing patience each time I tried to so.

Did I also mention that Brent Spiner plays a character in this game too?

LP details

This is going to be a VLP and I will be recording commentary as I record. The first videos commentary is a little sketchy as I'm suffering from a cold and its affecting my vocal cords, my time over the next couple of weeks is going to be severely limited and this was the only window that I had to start the LP.

As it stands right now, I'm aiming to upload one video a week. If you need to talk about anything not seen in the videos, please use the spoiler tags. I may record some additional footage of the death scenes as and when I find them too.

Let's Play: Chronomaster

Bonus Videos
(Additional Scenes & Dialogue - Urbs)
(Additional Scenes & Dialogue - Aurans)
(Additional Scenes & Dialogue - Fortuna)
(Additional Scenes & Dialogue - Cabal)
(Additional Scenes & Dialogue - Verdry)
(Additional Scenes & Dialogue - Dyce)
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