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Original Thread: Cinderella Gets a Gritty Reboot: Let's Play [Cinders]



Not actually that gritty except for a few endings, though.

Cinders is a choose-your-own-adventure visual novel by MoaCube starring, as the title suggests, Cinderella. However, there has been a lot of attention turned toward making her and the people she interacts with (particularly her stepfamily) into well-developed, fleshed-out characters in their own right. There are eight unique endings, as well as a lot of smaller events and variations that can diverge quite a bit from each other. Want to join up with the the local witch doctor and poison your wicked stepmother, allowing you to seize control of your inheritance? How about securing a marriage with the country's reform-minded Prince with the help of your strange, otherwordly faerie godmother? You can also forget this whole ball business and elope with a local shopkeeper. In this thread, you can do all that and more. The first playthrough will be courtesy of goon choice, and then I will most likely include at least a few other endings. Possibly all of them, but we'll see.

It makes me wonder... If I decided to act earlier, maybe things wouldn't be so broken between us. Maybe with just a little effort this family wouldn't fall apart like this. But I suppose it was easier to complain and do nothing rather than try to change things. Isn't it always? Tonight, it's different! This is the night of change. The night where my plans finally take effect.

I can hear my stepsisters talking in soft voices in the hall. I imagine they, too, won't get any sleep tonight. During the last few days, I've learned so much more about them. But can it erase all the years they tormented and humiliated me?

(Since the consequences of this choice aren't immediately obvious, and so the OP isn't so ridiculously short, I'll continue on to the next decision point as well.)

I still can't believe she did it! I would never have suspected...

Of course. Because everyone is as dim-witted as you are and never does anything out of the ordinary or unexpected.

Oh, yes. I'm sure you were able to foresee what would happen! Did you see it in tea leaves or read it in a children's book one afternoon, while avoiding work and being useless as usual?

I did entertain the thought she might do something like this, if you must know. But believe what you want, I don't care.

I also suspected she might try to do something. She was so secretive and compliant at times that an explosion seemed inevitable. I just didn't expect she had it in her!

Gloria, please. Sometimes you sound like a cliche villain from a bad romance novel.

Of course, if something isn't twisted, weird, or shocking then you won't consider it! Not everyone is like you, Sophia.

I know not everyone is. You're not. Though you try your best to be like Mother, always responding the same way regardless of the situation. Predictable, boring, and stupid. But you are not Carmosa, remember? You do not lead, you mindlessly follow. And it shows!

Shut up, you—

It's him! Why did he have to come!? And in the middle of the night!

Will the wonders never cease. I guess this night of change is not over yet. Just as your ridiculous cliche impersonations aren't done yet, either.

There's no time for this now! Though I'm sure Mother will deal with you later. I'll go summon her!

You do that.

Sophia. Don't stand like that! Open the door, let this noisy man in!

Yes, Mother.

So many belts. Final Fantasy auditions are that way, dude.

Spare me these false pleasantries! You know why I'm here. Where is she?

Very well. Sophia, get Cinders here right away!

Yes, Mother.

Be quick about it, child. Captain, would you fancy some wine while we wait for my lazy stepdaughter?

Don't push it. You know this is not a courtesy visit. I'm afraid a lot is going to change here tonight.

I must admit, I'm afraid of it too. Some independent woman I am.

Move! You know she doesn't like to wait!

Fine, fine! I'm moving. Just give me a moment!

Make sure it's quick!
Cinders, can I... can I ask you something?

Yes, Sophia?

This whole situation. What happened this evening and the guard bashing at our door and all.

So, readers, do people deserve a second chance, or should they get what they deserve? And should we tell Sophia the truth, or lie to her?

Table of Contents

Goon Playthrough

Run #2, retaking Cinders' residence with the help of the Fairy


Our heroine, a young woman who has lost her parents and now lives with her stepmother and two stepsisters.

The younger stepsister, with an inclination toward the intellectual and the weird.

The older stepsister, who tries to remake herself in her mother's image.

Cinders' stepmother, a harsh woman who, along with her two daughters, has been making Cinders' life miserable since Cinders' father died.

A childhood friend of Cinders, he now runs a successful business in town.

The Captain of the Prince's Guard. A veteran of several wars who now keeps the peace in the capital town.

The ruler of the kingdom in which the story takes place. His father's last wish was for him to find a worthy wife before being crowned King, so the Prince is planning a masquerade ball to cut down on the political intrigue among the nobility that would entail. He has vague but grand plans to reform the kingdom.

A local medicine woman/potential witch, and also a potential fairy godmother stand-in (yes really). She knew Cinders' mother, who asked Madame Ghede to help her daughter.

Also, here is the version of the tale that appears in the Grimm Fairy Tales:
Some notable things about it: no fairy godmother at all, does have singing animals, and Cinderella's father is actually alive during the whole thing.

Probably more popular, however, is the version recorded by Charles Perrault (a name you may recognize from the character list) in 1698:

This one has the pumpkin carriage and the fairy godmother and whatnot.
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