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Part 10: Rikti Crash Site - rarbatrol

Maybe it's because the end of the world is coming tomorrow, but my teleporter has been acting... odd.

Welcome to the "Crash Site." This is the only human you'll find here that wont immediately try to kill you. Colonel Barry Woodhouse buys and sells stuff in front of the giant portal to Peregrine Island. Lets see what else is around here...

Oh yes, the crash site is host to miles of pointless catwalks...

Scattered bits of destroyed city (this section of rail is at the bottom of a crater, somehow)

Oh, and of course, Rikti. They like to teleport in when you get close enough. The teleport sound effect is long and high pitched, so when a large group shows up it can get pretty loud.

They're probably protecting their downed mothership. It's a bit more sideways than I remember.

Other inhabitants include Crey on almost every rooftop,

As well as some Devouring Earth in a few places. I swear I saw a single Nemesis soldier too, but I have no concrete proof.

It looks like the ship landed pretty hard. The crater is large and deep.

Very deep, much like the damage in the hollows.

The shield on this thing is extremely smooth and solid. I spent some time on top of it barely keeping myself balanced.

I didn't have the Ace badge, so I decided to find the memorial statue to the WWII hero Mustang. Rikti began teleporting on top of the statue when I flew near!

Did I mention the teleport noise is just awful?

While jumping between ruined buildings, I spotted something unusual. It was named "Rikti_Shield_Generator" and it continuously shot a thin beam of electricity into the sky, which was also rather noisy. Unfortunately, it can't be shut down - I was unable to interact with it whatsoever.

I also found a "Rikti_Teleport_Generator" here too. It didn't really do anything. Reassuringly inert.

And here's another shield generator. Are these precursors to the pylons we see today? Part of a trial that went unfinished and was ultimately scrapped? One can only wonder.

Having completed my tour I decided to return to the Vanguard... Wait, where's the base?