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Part 13: Andrew Thiery - WeX Majors

Oh man, this should be a cekwalk, we totally got this. Thunk, don't worry, I'll take point.

Aw shit, Time for Plan B. THUNK!

A girl should always be prepared. So the downside is that there's WAY more Arachnos in Atlas than previously thought. This of course, is because most of the Phalanx are either off helping Galaxy, or dealing with Praetorian threats. So unfortunately, it's up to us to find the Arachnos Base of Operations, and smash it. For Science, of course.

Flipping through the air gives you a different perspective on things, like the fat that Longbow are dreadfully outmatched down here. Don't be surprised if this is the last we see of Longbow OR the PPD for awhile. They've got bigger fish to fry. That's okay, I should be able to handle things.

OW. God damn, these guys are way tougher than Hellions and sit. Where's my boy-to..errr..Team-Mate?

Oh, that explains it. Thunk actually had a clever idea and went after the Squad Leaders to see if he could Batman the base location. No dice, but he DID learn that they were using the warehouses to stealth ship out crates of explosives to the rest of the city's underbelly. Luckily, we stopped that too.


Oh look Thunk, you get to smash them now!

...Words fail me. Just go smash the things Thunk.

Thunk, that's not science, honey.

Well it's not that unexpected, the dude thought his wife was dead, then she wasn't, then she was captured, then he couldn't find her, and now he found her. That's a man made out of some pretty brave stuff. But it's so weird that they could have a Base right in the heart of Atlas. How could they get so far into the city?

OH SHIT. Well that would certainly answer a lot. This is also the worst news I've heard since this whole thing started. Come on Thunk, let's go save a hero!

Oh you fucking bitches. THIS SHALL NOT STAND! Come on Thunk, let's go smash some Spiders.

Hey, Tall Dark And Ugly, want to see a bone fracture?

Thank You, I'll be here all week!

Who ordered the naked chick?

Hah,.works every time. Matt, you okay buddy?

That Fucking Asshole. Thunk. Let's go.

Fuck You. Just, Fuck You. You're not getting out of this by warping me further. Your ass is going to jail. I'm sure it'll be REAL popular there. Hope you like being fucked by a Fire-Spewing Demon Worshipper!

Oh fucking hell, really? This dude's trying to challenge us? Thunk, you ready?

Sweet, Badge Get! Now, I believe we've got a meeting with someone at City Hall.

Well, I guess I'll keep on going. Not like I planned to save Atlas Park.

Hey, Matt. You too. Well, guess I'd better get going.

Cause this chick said she TOTALLY wants to hang out with me! See you guys after the fun...WINK WINK!