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Part 16: Recluse's Victory - WeX Majors

PvP in City Of Heroes sucks and sucks hard. In a game with combat design based around Pressing the 1-5 number keys until you have to hit 6 for a heal, PvP was destined to be retarded from the get-go. But that didn't stop Neckbeards from demanding the ability to fight other Neckbeards, so the devs tried to come up with the best ideas to have villains fight heroes. Some of them were terrible (Bloody Bay, I'm looking directly at you) but their best success came with Recluse's Victory.

If the new statue doesn't sit there and give away the gimmick of the level, lemme explain it further. In one of the many alternate dimensions Portal Corp found, Arachnos is attempting an all-out attack on Paragon City, starting a full out ground war in Atlas Park. Freedom Corp have responded appropriately and they're fighting with every ounce of power they have available to them. Arachnos has responded in kind, and it's the only real zone where you can see The Corps fighting in formations against a whole bunch of mutants heavily modified into some weird tarantula shape.

Speaking of, one of the special things you get to help your side of choice is back there in the corner. Capturing the box gets you your own personal Back-Up, either as a giant Fuck-Off Spider

Or a Freedom Corps-Endorsed Giant Robot. I think the heroes definitely have the upper hand on this one. But enough about the heroes, we've got some Temporal Anchors to activate!
Oh. Wait. I haven't explained those yet have I?

See, this particular dimension is in a state of Timey-Wimey. So Recluse captured a bunch of Scientists and had them develop some Temporal Anchors. These devices, are able to generate enough power to set the immidiate vicinity in one particular time-stream. If a villain captures an anchor, it goes to Arachnos. If a hero captures it, it goes to The Corps. If enough of the anchors are set towards one stream, the anchors are briefly set towards one time-stream reflecting the victors.

Here's the downside: They developed this around the wrong map. It's AWESOME to see the statue of Atlas suddenly turn into a statue of Lord Recluse, but there's no corresponding sense of Awesome for Heroes.It just turns back into the same old Atlas. This is essentially the same thing throughout the zone, where the only thing that happens is it suddenly turns into some weird 2002-Esque "Mission Accomplished" sort of earth where Freedom Corp Propaganda is on every single wall.

So really heroes wind up only needing to maintain the Status-Quo, not Change The World For Your Cause. If they developed this with some map along the lines of Boomtown, where both sides get to do some construction, but what they erect depends on what side you're playing on. But instead we're stuck with what we have, so since one side is clearly cooler than the other, let's properly introduce you to our Villain-Du-Jour

I Am Orange Numbers. I am the most efficient combat unit in The Arachnos IT Department. I am capable of traversing not only the Information SuperWeb, but the various temporal anomalies known to The Web. My latest assignment is interesting. I have been tasked to activate various temporal anchors in this specific dimension to allign it with the goals of Lord Recluse.

The Anchors are no match for my superior combat skills. Though they are meant to be as the four individual pill-boxes are technically capable of targeting one individual simultaneously, thus assuring a very quick death, I am able to out-maneuver their simple programming and defeat them with no issues.

There are seven anchors throughout this version of Atlas. Only six anchors will provide enough power to maintain a time-stream in favor of the victors. Admittedly, with the imposing Armageddon, this is a simple cakewalk now. With no active heroes even remotely present, I am free to claim this last pillbox for the glory of Lord

Due to my natural efficiency, The Freedom Phalanx was unable to mount their typical defense. They will usually appear after four-five anchors are captured. In an effort to be complete in my tour through this dimension, I shall now present a computer simulation of what may occur. However, this simulation was found deep in recesses of The Lord Wide Web, and as such, may have small cosmetic differences.

The Calvary tends to only include your corresponding Leader, and two ancillary characters. In this situation, a simulcrum of Statesman, Positron and Manticore appear on top of The Atlas Statue. Thankfully, Lord Recluse has three Chosen Ones ideal for this task.

A Fire Blaster

A Dark/Dark Dominator

And a Brute. I am not sure what powersets he possesses. Possibly Super Strength/Willpower. But he is big, and he is angry, and that is all Lord Recluse requires in his brutes.

The Phalanx prepares, like the idiots they are, to charge directly into the group. They are of course, idiots for overlooking the fact they have two characters who are much more equipped for Long Range fighting.

This should prove to be an interesting fight.

Oh no, I'm sorry. I was mistaken. What i meant to say was "this should prove to be an EASY fight" Once again, Villains are triumphant.

Positron finally attempts to retreat, but our Fire Blaster takes care of him with no problems.

Villains Win! Lord Recluse Is Victorious! All Hail Lord Recluse!