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Part 35: My Other Selves - Gynovore

My Other Selves
With City of Heroes' second big expansion, Going Rogue, came the ability to change alignment. Heroes could become Vigilantes, and Villains could become Rogues, both of whom could explore both halves of the game world. Vigilantes could then become Villains, and Rogues Heroes... then back again!

To do this, a character acquires 'Tips' from mob drops. These allow the player to run Alignment Missions. After ten Alignment Missions of a certain alignment, the player gets an Morality Mission, which will either alter his standing by one step, on confirm his present standing.

The quality of the writing of these missions varies greatly. Some are superb, some are okay, some are blah. This is a mission that I feel stands out, both in concept and (mostly) execution.

It's a message from me... in the future!!! Yes, I know, time travel has become a huge cliche both in CoH and comics, but here it works. I'm off to a Crey lab to talk to my future self.

Since it's Christmas time, brightly colored presents dot the landscape. Operative Fuzzypaws opens one hoping to find fresh tuna, or maybe sardines, but instead finds a candy cane. Oh well.

I break in, pummel some Crey security and corner a scientist. Threatened with becoming my next chew toy, he coughs up the password to the temporal matrix. I activate the system, and...

It's me all right.

Hmm, I'm not very nice in the future. What a surprise.

I'm attacked by Frostfire... FROM THE FUTURE!!!! He used to be a villain, the game's first Elite Boss, but now has turned to heroism. It seems he's a foe of my future self.

I pummel him, them activate another time matrix to find... from farther in the future.

I really, really haven't gotten any nicer.

So, I drank from the Well of the Furies in the future and became godly, but Frostfire is still bothering me. I'll have to do something about that.

Frostfire FROM THE FURTHER FUTURE attacks me, and I claw him to bits. I go to activate a final temporal matrix, and find- wait for it- me from WAY in the future!

I'm a god in the future! Yay! Yarn and catnip for everyone!

Uh-oh... I used the power of the Well to eradicate all other life in the universe? Whoops!

So, I should allow Frostfire to drink from the well instead of myself, to allow him to create a paradise on Earth?

That's not how the Kitty rolls! I'm going to take the power for myself!

Having confirmed my alignment as a villain, I receive a Villain Merit, which can be cashed in for some powerful Enhancements. And oh yeah, one day I'm going to become an omnipotent god and rule the universe.

I open another present, but there's no tuna here either. I've been naughty, so miniature snowmen attack. What threat can they pose to a kitty destined to one day conquer all?