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Part 10: A Brave New World

So, as I'm sure most of you suspected, we're going Autocracy. We won't plunder that many culture points from our enemies, just enough to keep things interesting. After that it is imperative we get two more policies in Patronage, because burning cities down causes a lot of temporary unhappiness.

Our next research goal is Acoustics, which lets us (ordinarily) build Opera Houses and the Sistine Chapel. Boudicca, however, gets the Ceilidh Hall, which gives just as much culture as an opera house, and +3 happiness as a bonus. We will need this very soon. The Sistine Chapel wonder increases our culture output by 25% in all cities, too, very handy to stay on top of things.

Ah, yes. Aotearoa before…


Aotearora's population took a hit by being conquered. It will burn down in only one turn.

In the Industrial Era, great Generals look like a guy in a jeep. I'm not using him for the citadel bomb just yet, because I only have one General right now and I'd prefer the combat boost.

As you can see, Asskicking's Tithe is making up a lot of our income, we'd be in the red without it. I did well to spread as much Asskicking around the globe as I could, but the Arabs got a foothold on their corner too. Regarding Sweden, I may have shot myself in the foot there. See, one of the tenants of Asskicking is Divine Inspiration, +2 Faith for each world wonder in your city. By spreading Asskicking to Sweden I gave them enough faith to start their own religion!

No matter. Once my forces are in place I'll wipe them out too. I still have a secondary army over on that side of the world.

Oooh, my defensive spy is already paying off. Rome was trying to steal some tech from me and has paid for it. Catching spies levels up your own spies and makes them even better at catching spies.

Clicking on the "Caught a spy" icon lets us confront Caesar over it.

Letting this transgression slide gives us some more points with him. If we demand him to stop spying, he won't listen because he's hostile. I see no reason to burn bridges until after we have crossed them, heh heh, so we'll tell him we'll let it slide…and start building anti-spying buildings in our capital as soon as possible.

And that captured city is gone, never to bother us again. Once we take out Honolulu, the Great Wall will cease working against us and start working for us. We'll also get the other Wonders he's got stashed in there. And, of course, we still have the power of Asskicking giving us the Just War bonus against his cities.

Grr, we need that too. It reduces unhappiness in non-captured cities. Rome is growing in power and landmass, we need to slap them down once we're done with Kamehameha.

Since we hit the Industrial age, a lot of tile improvements look more modern. Our lighthouse is a painted spire with a searchlight in it instead of a bonfire on a tower. Farms have visible grain silos and mines have more modern mine shafts.

The metropolis of Edinburgh! It's building Hijime Castle (units fight tougher in friendly territory) more because there's a city-state quest for it and not because I need it. Plus, the last thing I want is for one of these other assholes to get it.

Goddamn it, Gustavus! That gives him a free Great Person. I will kill him until he dies from it.

This is a second spy I've killed. Good for us, but it means everyone is targeting us for techs. And on this very turn, my peace treaty with Gustavus ends and I am allowed to invade his territory. Just another turn or two so I can completely surround Stockholm and it's mine.

I get Gustavus on the phone and tell him to stop spying on me.

Dude, he was trying to steal Compass! You are a land-locked nation. That is not spying as you need to!

Y'know what, screw it. Troops, attention!

Celtic hordes, ATTACK!

I'll remember you said that when writing your eulogy, mister! I'll write it down on your monument along with "Died for the magnetic north!"

Gustavus had a bunch of unprotected workers on the border. YOINK! Mine now.

Oh, what, even the leader of Arabia is badmouthing me? Dude, you are about to be overrun by Rome and Carthage, I am the last person you need to worry about.

Sure enough, he loses his capital on the next turn. So, with his dying breath, he shouted out, "To the last, I curse the name of BOUDICCA!" That must have really confused the attacking Phoenicians.

Very important to get this. We need more money and we need fewer enemy spies.

…what the hell. I know on harder difficulties the AI gets bonuses to happiness to compete with us, but this is ludicrous.

Gustavus has diverted his army over here, to Helsinki, and managed to retake it, though it cost him most of his army. I will destroy it and take it back too. He's running out of soldiers fast and I'm bringing more and more cannon over here.

Meanwhile, my cannons are chipping away at Honolulu's city walls, slowly but surely.


The next turn, something even weirder happens.


He just took Helsinki. Apparently for ransom purposes, so he could give it back to us while he sued for peace.

Hey. Gustavus, remember all the times you called me a bloodthirsty maniac? You didn't know how right you were. Eat an 18-pound cannonball!

Honolulu is ready to fall. TIMBEEERRR!

Damn! If you look at the top you can see that that's not too great compared to our current culture rate, but it's saved us a couple of turns on our next policy. With this, Honolulu and all its wonders turn to our control. My army will be able to move freely through Polynesian lands and now we can begin the great burning.

With the capture of Machu Pichu, our income is sure to go up.

…didn't Ghost Dog quote that? In any event, with both the Great Wall and Himeji Castle anyone who dares invade us will be fucked. Unlike the Wall, Himeji does not become obsolete.

Time for a new Policy!!!

We're getting Scholasticism, as I said. Why? This is why:

Our science just jumped up by 42 points. Almost a quarter of our entire science output is now being handled by city-states. If we weren't pulling ahead before, this would clinch it. It's the policy beneath Scholasticism we need even more, though. After that, it's pure Autocracy.

Honolulu was guarding a bunch of furs which are now added to our trade network. Yay.

Hey, Gustavus!

Got yer capital!

Terracotta Army, Temple of Artemis, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Great Library. Of these, it'll be Artemis that pays off the most, as it increases growth rate. Not too shabby. With this conquest, we need only wait 13 turns for the next policy.

Let's wrap up this session, shall we?

State of the world:

Rome and Carthage are getting bigger. Eep.