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Part 30: The French Horde Attacks!

Well, folks, life is going to suck, very hard, for us. Not just for us, but our friends, too.

France isn't just attacking us, they're attacking all our allied city-states.

And through the eyes of our allies, we can see…there aren't just a lot of French soldiers. There is a horde of French soldiers. A tsunami of French soldiers.

All our city-state allies are becoming targets. None of them can stand up to the power of our enemy.

Lhasa is gone, and Darius and Napoleon have buddied up to declare war on Kamehameha. That means they're buddies and we cannot convince Darius to turn on Napoleon. Nobody else is willing to take them on either, even for substantial bribe money.

Darius, as we can see here, is about to max out Patronage too. He is going for a diplomatic/cultural victory, and he's much better situated to do so than we are.

Mombasa's about to bite it too. You can see that Napoleon even has a good fleet up and running.

That's not to say we haven't had a small run of luck: here we managed to capture Canterbury. But who knows how long that'll last.

We're not just facing someone who's powerful. We're facing someone who's ridiculously powerful, on parity with us for tech and with an overwhelming hard-on for killing everything he sets his eyes on, and an army possibly five to ten times the size of our own. Bottleneck or not, he can drown us in numbers, and it's only a short matter of time before those cavalry he's got get upgraded to tanks.

I mean, look at that! Look!

Even the nuclear option I mentioned will take many turns to obtain, even if we manage to get some uranium. So the question I ask the thread is this:

Is this a wash? Do we concede or do you want me to see how long we can go before we're totally run into the ground?