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Original Thread: Saudades, Lagrimas, e Peixe: Let's Play Civilization V as Portugal



Start the music: Saudades de Coimbra by Edmundo Bettencourt. Performed by Verdes Anos

Bom dia, everyone, and welcome to my Let's Play of Civilization V: Brave New World!

What is this lunacy?

Civilization V is a board game-esque PC title made by Firaxis which allows players to play as various imperial states of historical importance, and achieve world domination through various means, be they military, diplomatic, cultural, or scientific.

What is special about this game is that it randomizes the world and allows for complete ahistorical madness, resulting in scenarios like Joseon Koreans versus Aztecs fighting for control over a shared continent, or Byzantines and Babylonians rising to global prominence in the nuclear age. Compare and contrast Paradox Development Studios' Grand Strategy series, which are more in the vein of "historical simulation". Civilization V is more of a "historical game", and as such it occupies a very different scope.

What are the specifics of your game?

My own game will be featuring Portugal, as represented by Queen Maria I, an...interesting choice of representative figure. The game claims she was responsible for continuity of Portuguese monarchical rule during the Napoleonic wars and the transition to independence of Portugal's biggest colonial holding in Brazil, but also glosses over the fact that she was infamously manic and was consequently declared insane and unfit to govern during that same period.

With this LP, I'm hoping to introduce everyone to the game and its myriad complicated mechanics in an approachable fashion, and invite readers to determine the fate of the nation of Portugal at every possible opportunity using bold text. I will also take the opportunity, when appropriate, to introduce people to a few fascinating aspects of Portuguese history and culture, since it is the land of a large part of my family and a place that holds some interest to me.

I hope you all enjoy the trip as we embark on this epic saga of longing, tears, and fish.

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