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Part 1: Undying Super Secret # 1 - The Shooting Gallery

So for the next few days until I get this shit sorted out, I'm going to be going back and showing off some of the secret areas that I skipped over during the videos.

The reason for skipping them was mainly because they are kind of silly and don't really fit in with the main plot; although one could argue the case that they are just figments of Patrick's ever degrading mindset.

Anyway, going in the order they show up in game, the first one is the shooting gallery. I decided to do this one with screens as a video version would be a 30 minute+ cluster fuck.

Undying Super Secret # 1 - The Shooting Gallery

How to find it: First, start a new game and enter the mansion. After the cut scenes with the maid and Aaron's ghost, approach the door at the far end of the hall.

The door will be locked, but instead of going back to Jeremiah's room, shoot the two blocks on the frame of the door.

The door will now swing open to reveal the shooting gallery.

The rules of the gallery are pretty simple. Waves of bats will fly in through the windows on the sides and try to escape through another window.
If any make it through, the mini-game ends and you are kicked back to the last area.

There are eight waves of bats in the total plus two bonus rounds.

Overall the bats have tiny hit-boxes and are a pain in the ass to hit. The revolver
has pin-point accuracy but the bullets themselves are projectiles so you have to lead your shots.

First wave: Several slow bats will fly from the right hand side and up through the top on a level path. Easy.

Second wave: Bats will fly from the left side, straight through to the right side. Also easy.

Third wave: One bat will fly left to right, the other from the back and up through the top. Still easy.

Fourth wave: Bats will fly from all three windows and once and head up through the top. A little harder but still not bad.

After the fourth wave is dead, we enter a bonus round.

A floating tentacle/fish creature will come in and fly in a random pattern for awhile. This is a enemy that will be showing up later.

The creature is quite tough and takes a good 10 shots to bring down. Failing to kill the creature will result in a game over.

Upon completion, we are awarded with the Ectoplasm spell which due to it's slow speed and erratic path makes it completely useless in the next rounds.

Fifth wave: This is where things get hard. A very fast bat will come out of the left side window, do a couple of loops in the center and head out the right. The speed of this thing is enough that if you have to reload you fail. Three bats in total.

Sixth wave: Same as the last but repeated on the right side.

Seventh wave: This is where things get retarded. Tons of bats start criss-crossing the gallery at high speeds and leave through whatever window they want.

At this point I had to save after every bat I killed as they move in such a jerky pattern that it was pure luck to hit them.

Eight wave: The final bat wave and where I say "You've got to be fucking kidding me!'

All sense is through out the window as many fast bats fly out of random windows, do random loops and swirls then exit through random windows. Sometimes they smash into the window frames or the floor as the game engine can't properly calculate their flight paths.

Final wave: The last wave is actually another bonus round and where things just become plain impossible.

Two of the floating tentacle creatures come in, but this time they are much faster and take more damage.

Even in the odd chance that you were good enough to actually hit these things, they spend most of their time outside the windows of the gallery where you can't see them.
After wasting a suitable amount of time out there, they come back in and make a direct bee-line through the top to end the game while you die a little inside.

The only way I was able to kill them was by using a slowdown cheat to set the game speed down to like 25%. Even then it was still a pain to win.

Our reward for all this bullshit? A shotgun and pile of shells.

Although it's nice having the shotgun in the early game, there's not really any monsters dangerous enough to make it helpful. Also the fact that there's no shotgun shells until the monastery levels.

It would be a shit-ton easier just to cheat and spawn in the weapon if you wanted that badly.