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Part 26: Episode XV: Condemned (Hospital)

Episode XV: Condemned (Hospital)

When last we left our heroine, she saw the most godawful retarded shit I have seen since... Well, I guess the beginning of the last stage... Err, anyway... With that said, let's begin...

Well, that was one way to get rid of the token weird, creepy childhood friend you're too nice to tell to piss off. I suppose some exploring is in order. Instead of, ya know, just leaving out of the front door. I'm fairly certain I heard cars and signs of civilization while we were still outside.

First off, this little trinket is on the nearby table between the beds. A sentimental item, no less. I know all of my sentimental goods go scattering about like I were a monster in Diablo, upon death.

In the corner of the room is a dead nurse. Unfortunately, this isn't her mother in the picture. Not that we could really tell if it were. I'm a bit puzzled how Alyssa deduced it was a mother in the photo in the first place, anyhow. But, details...

Over where Dennis and the Scissor Chucklefucks vanished in a puff of confetti, we find a file. Joy of joys.

Dennis' Letter to Linda

Even the kid's letters are spastic.

"In the meantime I'm going to loaf around, get fat, and possibly get kidnapped by carnies. Try not to get the AIDS. Love, Dennis."

Alyssa heads back to the entry foyer of the hospital that was skipped by in the opening cutscene.

Why, again, didn't Alyssa and Dennis immediately turn right back out the door after barging in on this scene? Oh hey, what have we here?

But is it really Key A?

In the corner, right next to the friggin' entrance, no less, is a dead body upon a hospital gurney. Alyssa somehow deduces he was in crutches, despite the fact it's just a dead guy tossed on a table.

Oh well. It turns out he was a mamma's boy as well as gimped. Fellow got dealt a poor hand.

Alyssa returns to the previous room and enters the door on the opposite end. She finds something of interest in the following hall.

Err... I meant the staircase...

A long, door riddled hallway presents itself at the top of the stairs. In standard survival horror tradition, half the doors are locked or have broken knobs. For instance, the first room on the left. Let's try the first door on the right, then. Seeing as it has no door.

"Oh, thank God!"

Like half a fucking hour later, as I'm baffled as to what the fuck women do in the bathroom so long.

The next door on the left takes the alleged Key A.

Or, rather, takes it and demands two more keys before unlocking.

Peering in the viewing slot, we find this room is likely the objective of the stage.

Moving to the next unlocked room down the hall.

There's not much going on in this room. Other than the level design giving another excuse for Alyssa to drop on all fours again.

Clock Tower 3: The Underaged Girl Crawling Simulator.

A pair of noteworthy items lie on the opposite side of the room.

First, a looking glass. Since, Alyssa needs to maintain that stylish hairdo of hers with rigorous enthusiasm.

Secondly, there is an excuse to backtrack here later. Since, grabbing something in the room and just smashing the glass is out of the question. That would be rude. Even in an abandoned hospital.

At the end of the hallway, our heroine finds a mirror lined by bones. Not the most comforting decoration I've ever seen in a hospital.

Though, Alyssa still finds it appropriate to do a cutesy pose for the benefit of her own reflection.

"Kinduva narcissistic bitch, aren'tcha?"

"What? No. I was just admiring the mirror."
"What, did it have a particularly reflective surface?"

Who is in mirror? Scissorman is in mirror! How is that possible?!

"No limits!"

Alyssa quickly evades Scissorman by escaping to the safest place in the hospital.

Well, the safest place for her, at least.

The player... not so lucky.

Scissorman wanders off, allowing Alyssa to explore the last room in the hallway.

In it, she finds a dead fellow who saw it fit to stab himself in the gut and write "Take me out from here" with his own blood on the wall. As, it's very spooky, you see. Anyhow, the stiff has a file. There's also a ghost in here, but nobody cares about ghosts. Zombies are all the rage these days.

A furiously scribbled journal entry...

Subordinates do not fuck around with patients lacking insurance.

Alyssa returns to the main corridor.

Is it, now?

Miss Hamilton proceeds to phase through the mirror into an inverted bizarro hospital.

I wish I were making that up...

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