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Part 29: Episode XXVIII: Manhunt (Clock Tower Castle 2)

Episode XXVIII: Manhunt (Clock Tower Castle 2)

When last we left our heroine, she'd just baked the Scissorwoman, or Jemima to her friends, alive in an oven. It was as retarded as it sounds. With that said, let's continue...

Leaving the kitchen and the stench of flaming carnies behind her, Alyssa presses on to...more non-descript corridors with nothing in them.

Out the other end of the hall, she finds a dining room adorn by two huge, identical, copy and pasted from the hospital foyer fountains. But, something is amidst!

Alyssa's obsessive compulsive tendencies toward proper etiquette and cleanliness compel her to return the candle to its correct location. Which, is an utmost pressing issue when you're stuck in some evil castle in the presumable past with multiple people trying to kill you and cut out your heart and your goofy friend is probably being tortured to death.

Though, this bout of OCD just happens to reveal a hidden secret beneath the fountains.

An ongoing fetch quest. Hurray! Alyssa already has the "A" medal on the opposite side. She just needs to find the "D". Might as well get to investigating.

The lesser known members of MI6.

Miss Hamilton wanders down another identical hallway to the next room.

Our heroine finds herself in a mid-sized private library. Despite the hundreds of volumes of text surrounding her, she decides to read the book on the table.

Dick's Notes 4

5th January, 2000

The man is walking around the whole of Europe on a hunch?!

15th November, 2000

"In retrospective, I should probably have spent my twilight years with my family and not wandering about figuring out inventive ways to murder them. Also, I should likely stop writing journals implicating me in murder."

Christ, just go home and molest her like a normal creepy pedophile family member, ya sick fuck.

Alyssa puts the increasingly unnerving notes from her grandfather aside and continues her search.

In the same library, the mythic "N" crest is found. And by 'in the same library'...

I mean she had to go through retarded shit like this to actually get to where the thing was.

Backtracking... Backtracking... Backtracking... The friggin' chase music has been playing for nearly half a hour straight now and it is driving me FUCKING NUTS...

Alyssa shoves both the emblems into their patented emblem slots. I'd like to note the size of these things and the fact Alyssa has two of them... Look familiar?

Yeah, I'm still bitter about that section. What of it?!

The two emblems reveal a secret passageway behind a painting. We're really breaking new ground into survival horror territory here, folks.

The following area is decorated by suits of armor apparently constructed to equip giants. Also, there are a handful of iron maidens. Since, they make good conversation pieces and dinner engagements.

Alyssa ducks into the next room. The door immediately slams and locks shut behind her.

I wouldn't worry. It's not like one of the Scissortwins just teleporting in here and killing you while you're trapped. That would be logical and we all know that has no place at all in this title.

It seems we're in Lord Burroughs' master chamber. Where the esteemed castellan watched erotica only fitting of nobility.

And on the opposite end of the chamber, we have the man himself.

Oh's a poorly photoshopped painting of Napoleon... I am playing a game that uses crappy photoshops as a narrative tool... It's like I've come full circle into some sort of twisted self parody...

...That's it. That's Lord Burroughs? The man makes a good candy bar, but I'm not seeing the root of villainy here...

Even Alyssa has a distinct look of at this reveal.

And to make us care even less about the dreaded Lord Burroughs, we have a file to read alongside the wayward D Crest.

Book of Entities IV

"Darcy Burroughs owned a lot of England. He married this one Hamilton girl. They had a daughter. He liked her."

This must be the cliffnotes biography of Darcy Burroughs.

Am I missing the logic leap of "I love my <family member> dearly... But I'm not getting any younger, baby..."

"He was very upset his daughter died but more importantly that he was unable to stab his daughter to death in ritualistic sacrifice that he read about in some old book."

I'm gathering Darcy was kind of a Dick.

"We're capitalizing Clock Tower because Clock Tower is the name of the title 'Clock Tower 3'. Also, isn't it like totally ironic how the Clock Tower was the death of the villain who lived in a Clock Tower castle? Clock Tower."

No, it's not. What sort of angry mob doesn't burn the building they're raiding to the ground?

Then again... This is an angry mob in Clock Tower 3.

What? You thought that was the end. Hah! Double-wammy File smackdown for you!

Dick's Notes 5

I will fucking stab anyone that makes a "Billy FUCKING Brown" comment.

The oddity of the males taking the Hamilton name aside... Dick Brown...? The man's name is Dick Brown? Does he have a cousin name Penis von Fecal?

Your name is Richard, you moron! That's the worst 'destiny' theory I have ever heard. Not to mention you married your step-cousin, which is also funny.

I'm pretty sure this confirms Dick is the worst reluctant villain ever.

Alyssa puts away Dick's newest literary disaster. In a completely unrelated news story, the projector on the table whirls to life.

It displays grainy footage of the Scissortwins 'tarding out while Dennis is trapped in a bladed pendulum death trap. Maybe I was wrong about these two. They might turn out alright after all.

Even Alyssa is on board with this latest turn of events.

"I've pisshat myself!"

I told you Jemima was a cam whore.

Of course a picture cannot do this justice. But, Ralph is dancing around like a damn fool.

"...Save you from being forgotten, after I immortalize this footage on Youtube."

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