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Part 30: Episode XXIX: Clockwork Knight (Dungeon)

Episode XXIX: Clockwork Knight (Dungeon)

When last we left our heroine, she had just discovered the identity of the evil Lord Burroughs: a poorly photoshopped portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte. With that said, let's continue...

Right, then. I'm not even going to ask how they have live camera footage in the seventeen hundreds...

In other news, Alyssa's entrapment is quickly adverted. It was such a harrowing experience, wasn't it?

Alyssa returns to the earlier room to discover the giant suits of arms have sprung to life and are now swinging about their battle axes wildly around the room. Sure, Alyssa can take a full force sledgehammer blow, sulfuric acid, an flaming axe, or giant sheers to the face at any point prior to now, with little more result than falling on her ass. Provided she's not freaking out, of course. Despite that fact, any hit by the axes here...

...Results in instant death. Unless you have a Sigil Stone (of which you're likely to have maybe one at this point, if you're lucky) then you're safe from the blow.

Of course, the suits of armor have a very predictable pattern. The ones at the top and bottom of the room swing their axe downward at about five second intervals (though, they each begin at a different time, so it's not like they're all coming down at once.) It's the one in the middle you've got to watch out for. It swings horizontally every five seconds or so. Which, wouldn't be such a big deal... Except the thing is off screen half the time and there's a slight chance the swing will delay a second or swing a second early. Resulting in death.

And don't think you can be cute and just crawl beneath a mechanical suit of armor swinging an axe at an even height horizontally. Alyssa isn't going to scuff up her uniform crawling the necessary inch lower to avoid the blade. Needless to say, this section is not enjoyable.

The solution to this situation is, of course, to make a dash for the bottom right (now the top-left thanks to fantastic camera angles) iron maiden and just hop in that sucker.

Though, not to worry. This is Clock Tower 3, where a medieval torture device in an insane 17th century tyrant's inner sanctum is not a torture device at all.

It's an elevator! To the dungeon, no less. No wonder Ralph was keeping prisoners in the kitchen.

Who the hell is going to escort prisoners by riding this to the dungeon?

In any case, there's not a lot going on in the dungeon. Other than, now wait for it... Another shitty gameplay device! Throwing this switch...

Causes a pair of gateways, leading to the exit, to open.

Alyssa now has roughly the time allotted to immediately start running in the direction of the door. In other words, hesitate at all here and.

The gates slam shut. Which wouldn't be too annoying, if not for the fact Alyssa is now also cut off from the switch to begin the puzzle again. Though, not to fear. It's easy to take another crack at it. You just have to hop a lift on an iron maiden and...

Have another go at the fucking armor and axes deathtrap again. Bonus points: If you don't take a detour to one of the two upper iron maiden elevators and unlock one of the side doors in the dungeon, the only one available to ride back up will be the south-western one. Which means you need to navigate between two gauntlets of the axe knights to get back to the switch.

I hate...hell, you know the rest at this point...

Making it past the sliding wall time trial dumps Alyssa in a temporary point of no return. I hope you weren't thinking of powering the game down to go get something to eat. The next save point is about fifteen minutes away. The last one was back out past the death axes.

Alyssa proceeds further into the dungeon.

Alyssa rushes in to find her pal Dennis still in mortal danger. She snaps into action to save him.

By...cowering in fear at the entrance...

Meanwhile, Ralph and Jemima are dancing around like idiots. So, no real change there.

"Jemima! Check this out! It's like extreme limbo."
"Ralph, you should like totally do that while juggling!"
"Oooh! Multi-tasking!"

Again, Alyssa looks on with mild concern.


"Oh God, they're taunting him! I feel like I should do something... But...what?"


The Scissortwins proceed to kookily dance up to the control panel for the death trap. Alyssa retains her stiff upper-lip.

Surely, Alyssa will bust out her plot device arrows or throw a chair or...hell just splash some holy water around. Uh...right?

Any time now...


Tune in next time fore...




Bonus Content:

Dennis' Death Cutscene