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Part 31: Episode XXX: System Shock (Torture Chamber)

Episode XXX: System Shock (Torture Chamber)

When last we left our heroine, she had just come to her only companion's cowering in a doorway as he was terribly murdered. With that said, let's continue...

Now, where were we? Ah, yes. Dennis is still getting stabbed in his...everything...

And Alyssa is still trembling in fear while soiling herself at the doorway. It's a good thing she isn't tasked with saving anyone but herself. If these Entities had any tangible goal, other than killing minor characters in elaborate fashions, we'd be fairly screwed.

"That was just a dress rehearsal."
"A what?!"
"Hahaha! Bet that scared you!"
"Look at her! Gha ha ha. She thinks that was the real Dennis. What a sap."
"Oh man, you're so gullible."
"What in God's name are you two babbling about?!"

"You stupid wanker. Isn't it obvious?"
"...No. Not especially."
"We tricked you, silly girl! That was just an animatronic Dennis we fashioned to scare you into knowing we..."
"...Mean business! I'm talking Wall Street bonanza business!"
"You... Built a robot Dennis... Just to screw with me?"
"Gha ha ha ha! Isn't it great? Sure, we had to take that detour to the future to pick up the goofy striped shirt to make him look authentic. But, I think it was worth the effort. Now you know we won't hesitate to kill mechanical friends of yours. How long do you think before we move onto the real deal?!"
"Probably about as long as it'll take you to realize that was the bloody stupidest scheme I have ever heard in my 14 years, 364 days, 23 hours, and 25 minutes of living! What the hell is wrong with you people?!"
"...I thought it was a good plan."
"Ralph, start the next part of the show! We're tanking here."
"Oh, right..."

"Camera... Action!"
"You're from the 17th Century. Video cameras haven't even been invented yet."
"Well, neither have robots and I don't see you calling us on that."
"Argh. Must I even point that out?!"
"Oh, so now the robotic Dennis is a problem."

Ah, so you see. The real Dennis was hanging beneath the animatronic Dennis... Was there much use for having multiple victims tied to the same death trap? Did it keep murder quotas up or something?

Imagine trying to explain to the police why this thing is tied up in your basement.

Ralph throws that sonuvabitch unto overdrive.

"Hey! I'll do anything! Anything!"
"Anything, you say...?"

"I like the sound of that!"
"JESUS CHRIST! Nevermind, just kill me!"

"Do you even know what 'dicing' means?"
"It's a card game, isn't it?"

"Forget about me! Run for your life!"

"Well, there's no need to be rude about it."

"Leave Dennis? Or donate your heart to us?"
"I hear it's a big tax write off."
"It'll look good on your applications to universities, too! The clock is ticking."
"Ooh! The clock is ticking. That was a good one!"
"Wasn't it?"

"The poor wanker is bursting with hormones. The mere thought of a girl his age trying to rescue him? Let's just say one part of him is gonna go snippety-snap a lot quicker than the rest, if you pull anything funny. Now, come on! We need an answer!"

"Why are you two even making this a multiple choice decision?"
"We respect the democratic process and one's right to choose."
"Err... She's got a point, Jemima... Why are we doing this?"

The pair proceed to nab Alyssa in a pincer attack on the stairs. Is this the end for Alyssa Hamilton?!

"Well, that was unexpected..."
"It really did sort of come out of left field, didn't it?"

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