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Part 4: Episode III: Battlefield 1942 (High Road)

Episode III: Battlefield 1942 (High Road)

When last we left our heroine, she'd been assaulted by magical glyphs, seen statues bleed, and changed into an array of creepy alternate costumes. But, it was ultimately classical music which drove her into 'freak the fuck out' territory.

Hey, something better happen soon! I had quite enough of staring at doors for a lifetime doing Resident Evil.

That's better.

Our heroine plops out of the other side of the magic sigil. She finds the door back into Nancy's room longer the door back into Nancy's room. It's also locked, which also sucks.

Something a bit different is waiting her on the opposite end of the hallway.

Why, it's one of those kooky double-decker buses. Surely she'll be able to hop a ride back to her non-haunted boarding school. Well...she could. If only for one small catch.

She fell into fucking World War II.


Well, at least that's the end of th-


Alyssa takes shelter beneath the bus and wonders to herself why she isn't missing a leg or having a face full of shrapnel brand acne at the moment.

"Fire zeh special effects!"

Alyssa's bright idea of hiding beneath a bus, instead of leaping about in circles in the middle of the street screaming, is short lived as a nearby bomb blows apart the field of physics temporarily and sends the bus tipping over.

Alyssa lives to the safety of a nearby stairwell, still well out in the open. She then returns to her hero's duties of cowering in fear and screaming.

The sounds of war are soon drowned out with, as it will go down in history, the world's loudest piano playing session.

The concert is so loud it apparently sent the Nazis bombers off course and careening into the English Channel, ending the bombardment of the city for the duration of the stage.

Alyssa, using her powers of topography clairvoyance, discovers she is currently on the "High Road" and there is an exit to the south.

A nearby flier indicates that Alyssa has indeed time traveled back to 1942, to a different point in the year, and teleported to London. Quite the impressive feat for one glowing pentagram.

...London circa December 24th, 1942. Pay attention, moron.

Still in a confused daze, Alyssa continues along the street. She soon discovers a sight most grim.

Looks like not everyone toggled on God Mode for that last bombing run.

Next to the fellow's charred corpse is an empty ring box. Which heralds forth the next gameplay element Clock Tower 3 has to offer.

Motherfucking ghosts!

Fatal Frame this ain't. So, the ghost only presents a rambling text reply, a poorly rendered transparent model, some terrible animation, and a cheesy as they come laugh.

To ward off these evil spirits, Alyssa can either just sort of walk briskly, as they're just shy of possessing speeds on par with an old woman in a walker. Alternatively, she can splash some holy water on them to keep them tamed. But, the simplest method of doing away with them and their horrible sound bite is to return their "sentimental item" to their corpse.

Sentimental items, as the name implies, are useless trinkets these annoying souls are bound to this world by. Usually, a rather heavy handed clue is provided by examining the spirit's corpse. In this case, someone snaked the guy's ring.

Or rather, the specter is a dope and forgot he left it in the phone booth, since the trail of blood clearly shows he crawled out of there before becoming worm food.

Alyssa returns the ring to the ghost's body.

The thankful soul begins a rendition of the YMCA as thanks for Alyssa's efforts, but is quickly carted off into the afterlife before it can get too far.

Exorcising spirits usually leave behind handy items in their wake. This one, for instance, dropped a "Sigil Stone", which grants Alyssa one free hit while in Freak the Fuck Out Mode, which saves her from having her head caved in.

Ghostbusting taken care of, Alyssa continues her journey down the street.

Along the way Alyssa comes across the earlier mentioned lion head fountain, which barfs a steady stream of blessed water, even in grimy back alleys, such as this. The game can also be saved her, but the method behind that is unclear. It may involve peeing.

At the end of the pass, we find another one of those pesky blue sigils.

But, more importantly, she finds the source of the rather broken rendition of Chopin's work. A concert hall a good quarter mile away. So we have our next objective: finding the source of classical music and crushing it at all costs!

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Stage Introduction Cutscene

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