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Clock Tower: The First Fear

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Be gentle...this is my first fear- Let's Play Clock Tower: The First Fear



Nestled away in the forest of Oslo sits a solitary mansion; quiet and still as a mausoleum. It lies in wait for new blood to inhabit its halls and bring life to its dilapidated corridors, and it just so happens on this day that it's thirst will be satiated.

Hey there weary traveler and welcome to an excursion into terror. For tonight's tale we're going to be taking a look at a very unique title for its time and the first entry in a somewhat maligned horror video game franchise, Clock Tower: The First Fear. Released originally for the Super Famicom in 1995, the first Clock Tower never saw a release outside of Japan and wouldn't get the attention it deserved till its sequel was released almost two years later (rather confusingly with the title Clock Tower). Now, there could be any number of reasons why it never saw further release though the original outing was somewhat popular in Japan; it could be that Human didn't feel the steep difficulty curve would agree with a foreign audience, or it could have been the fact it was a point and click adventure on a home console....or it could have been the child murders that take place in the game. The world will forever be in the dark as to the reasoning but thankfully fan translations have become available and the modern gaming public has been allowed this particular survival horror gem.

And indeed it very much fits the essence of survival horror as it pits the player against a seemingly unstoppable evil force without any real means to fight back. The player is only left with their wits and the hope of finding a safe hiding spot as they attempt to unravel the truth the lurks in the shadows of the mansion. But let's meet our cast of characters.

Jennifer Simpson plays our protagonist in the first fear. A shy, timid 14 year who was orphaned after her mother abandoned her, she has spent a number of years living at the Granite Orphanage. But fate has smiled upon her as she, and three other young ladies, have been adopted by the Burroughs family.

Laura Harrington is another 14 year old orphan joining Jennifer at the mansion. Laura can best be described as gentle and elegant in her lovely blue dress, but it seems she is closer friends with Ann than with the other two orphans, Jennifer and Lotte.

Ann is the oldest of the orphans at 15 and close friends with Laura. She is considered something of a de facto leader at the orphanage and seems to even carry this air in their new residence.

Lotte is the youngest of the group and close friends with Jennifer. Lotte is tomboyish and very stand-offish with other girls at the orphanage, which seems to be why she gets along so well with Jennifer who also distances herself from the others.

Miss Mary is the girl's escort and guardian up their new home. Courteous and kind, Miss Mary is pleasant company to have in this mysterious new home that welcomes the girls.
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