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Part 4: Colony Wars Episode 4 - Alpha-Centauri System Part 1

C.M. Kruger posted:

I'd bet the reason League ships have their stats halved is because otherwise it would have made some of the missions too easy, since the AI would have to get through twice as much HP.

This is definitely the reason we're going with, since it's an old enough game. Were it a game made nowadays we'd surely see a lot more of the ships duking it out over a planet and other awe inspiring related coolness. Anyway, this update is special. Not only have I got what you've all probably been waiting for out of the Fleet database, the Destroyer, but I managed to rope another of my proverbial heroes into joining me for an LP. Of Amulets and Armor fame, Mzbundifund will be joining me for the rest of the series, and it takes a huge weight off my shoulders because recording commentary on my own is a level of tedium (and loneliness after Syphon Filter ) that I want no more of!

Update 04 - Treacherous Vermin

Colony Wars Episode 4 - Alpha-Centauri System Part 1

Success in Diomedes and failure in Draco bring the League to the Alpha-Centauri System, the first solar colony. A civil war rages in the zone with half of the planets held by the League and the other by the Empire. All is not well. The war between the League and the Empire is stalling, and despite the League's fervor, they are now forced to fight against their own. Traitors flying under Navy colors, calling themselves The Faction, are attempting to subvert the League and betray it to the Empire. That outcome will be witnessed in this video.

The Faction are generally the most dangerous encounters in the game if you do not position well. That savestate I didn't catch in editing is the only time I threw in the towel mid-mission because piloting the Vampire against that and a Frigate was rough! It's where the League's better fighters come back to haunt us because they have stronger hulls and better pilots. For example you can down a T-9 Tornado with a Vampire in about 2-3 seconds. It takes double that time against another Vampire. If you approach these guys from the front you are giving them the bullet with your name on it because they are ruthless as hell! Naturally I do just that and usually take everything on the chin

I really love the League Destroyer. It's just a badass design through and through, it's like the perfect battleship to have in a fleet. Also, the Alpha-Centauri System Database will get posted after the next video, and the failure reels for Draco and Alpha-Centauri will be combined after both systems are cleared because there's not too much of substantial interest in them aside from Command flipping out on you in one. Oh speaking of, I should also mention I think it's really adorable that the VO for the Command guy tries to do different tones of voice when he has to voice other Command staff. It happens a lot

e. Aw damnit, I messed up a subtitle in the Vampire video. Fixed. Let me know if they pop up again. It's easy to get lost in the words