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Part 5: Colony Wars Episode 5 - Alpha-Centauri System Part 2

Just in case my stance isn't clear, I fully encourage and desire space facts (and other facts and relative topics) in this thread and want people to talk about it as much as they want. It is fun and you should have fun too.

Update 05 - Stalemate

Colony Wars Episode 5 - Alpha-Centauri System Part 2
In these circumstances, the League is able to inform Gallonigher command of the League's traitorous elements and plans are quickly drawn up. Because of the war deadlocking and three sides in the conflict, they seek to make peace with the Empire before the rebels can. Although a consensus is reached, where the League and Empire cannot defeat each other, it is likely that this may be the worst ending of all because both sides will likely build up their forces during the ceasefire and war will ensue again, because as the narrator mentions, there's too much enmity between them, and the future war could very well result in an extinction event, or at least an even greater scale of bloodshed.