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Part 6: Colony Wars Episode 6 - Draco System Part 2

Update 06 - The Fall of Draco

Colony Wars Episode 6 - Draco System Part 2
Colony Wars - Alpha-Centauri System Database
Colony Wars - Fail Reel 2
Colony Wars - Betrayal Ending

Down the canonical route, the League successfully invades Draco and severs the system's latent Navy forces' connection to their central command. With the system ripe for takeover, the League launches attacks over dozens of locations in the system, eventually bringing it to heel and claiming it for themselves.

With the fall of Draco to the League, the way to Sol is laid bare.

I reckon just 3 more videos to go before CW1 is completed! I'm pretty excited to get on to Vengeance in good time, it plays a lot better. Now that Draco is conquered, the League cannot fail now. Nothing the Navy will do at this point can defeat them. With the invasion of Sol coming up, the Empire can only suffer in confusion!

Two things: I really like when you see lots of ships up against the vastness of a sun. Always a cool shot to me. Second, I love how the good FMVs feel so heroic in the tone.