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Part 7: Colony Wars Episode 7 - Sol System Part 1

Update 07 - Breaching Sol

Colony Wars Episode 7 - Sol System Part 1
Colony Wars - Draco System Information

The League of Free Worlds does the unthinkable: not only did it take Draco from the heart of the Empire, it has now launched an invasion of humanity's birthplace in the Sol System. The campaign in the Empire's home system is a large one, but one that was ultimately against the League.

Facing newer enemies and the vaunted Navy Titans, the League was canonically defeated at some point in Sol, but because they had pushed so far, they were not ready to accept defeat.

With their contingency plan in motion before the attacks were even committed, they would only stay as long as it was feasible. When the Empire's forces proved to be too strong, they detonated the Sol Battle Platform and destroyed the Empire's only passage, sealing them in a dead system. This sets up the plot of Colony Wars: Vengeance, in which the player becomes a Navy Pilot 30 years later when the people of Sol are able to rise up after decades of civil war and poverty to escape their prison. But, that is a tale for a later time. For now, we have the best ending to look forward to, and a Tsar to silence forever!

I like to talk a lot, I've got something else in the works I'll be posting this week as well so I've been excited