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Part 8: Colony Wars Episode 8 - Sol System Part 2

Sorry for the delay. I've been staring at Vegas for about 4 days straight now. If you have me on Steam you'll probably know why: a new LP is in the works with the crew, all I have to do is post that thread! No this will not affect Colony Wars at all and I still plan to deliver the entire series. We're done with CW1 effectively and I'll be posting the final CW1 video in the next day or two, we'll start CW: Vengeance next week. The last major thing I actually have to work on after all that is 20 minutes of subtitling the Sol System database video which will be posted as soon as I've got it uploaded of course. ...And well, to be honest, I still have to throw the audio in for the last Sol video too

For now I give you the second part of Sol!

Update 08 - The Sol Campaign

Colony Wars Episode 8 - Sol System Part 2
The League's campaign continues with fervor as they assault key Empire staging grounds, VIPs and factories in their bid to claim Earth from the Navy. The various challenges they face are defeated as they are encountered, and seemingly impossible obstacles are overcome. It won't be long until they are just a stone's throw from humanity's birth planet and the palace of the hated Tsar.