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Part 10: Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 1 - Sol & Gallonigher Part 1

Update 10 - The Navy Strikes Back

Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 1 - Sol & Gallonigher Part 1
The people of Sol are united once again after decades of civil war and system-wide decay. Their new leader, Kron, reinstates the military branch of the long-gone Empire, the Navy, and forges a path for his people out of Sol, ending their isolation and enabling the fire in their hearts to rage.

Breaching the warp hole once again, the Navy heads straight for what they assume to still be the heart of the League of Free Worlds in Gallonigher...

I think this might be a 3 part because Sol & Gallonigher are closely entwined, but after that it becomes very straightforward. There's 6 acts (with the first of Gallonigher seen here being a one-off mission act) so should be! I'll post the character bios and whatever else is interesting from the manual after the next update or two, just need to collate it. Also, the explosions are still fucking gorgeous.