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Part 12: Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 3 - Cronus System Part 1

Update 12 - Why do we bother keeping the Intelligence Division around?

Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 3 - Cronus System Part 1
As Draco was to the Earth Empire in years gone by, Cronus is to the League today. A rich, fertile system teeming with valuable war materials that the Navy intends to wrest from their hated enemy.

At the onset of the invasion, an elite enemy pilot identifying himself as The Widowmaker appears, killing Klein and attempting the same on Mertens. He is fought off and the Navy secures valuable positions within the system, thus enabling them to head to Alpha-Centauri.

But that way means not killing the Widowmaker so we've got to cool the jets on that plan for a bit!

For some reason, there is a one-off incident in this video that corrupted my commentary track. I did what I could to fix it and it seems "fine" to some extent, but let that be known if something doesn't sound right in the video. I'm having a lot of mounting problems lately...


Wraith - Navy Multi-role Craft
The Wraith is a powerful addition to the Navy fleet. Equipped with stronger lasers, torpedoes, more missiles, and the extremely effective Plasma Cannon, it is fully capable of annihilating entire League units. Capable of taking on fleet craft as well as multiple fighters at once, it is awarded to those pilots deemed skillful enough to maintain that level of combat. It is faster and more durable than the Hex by a significant margin. Although this is not the top of the line fighter in the Navy's arsenal, it certainly demonstrates their R&D's level of commitment.

Have some fleet craft! They show up so infrequently I'll just post the Destroyer & Dreadnought models in the next update.


Unlike the Frigates seen in the original uprisings across the Earth Empire, the newly designed Frigates deployed by the Navy and the League are much more powerful than their previous models. In addition to stronger shielding and hull durability, they are armed with more substantially powerful flak, missiles and torpedoes, and stronger seismic lances. Each one is fully capable of acting as a flagship for more than just guerrilla operations with improved hangar capacities. Although still the smallest class of battleship, they are no less deadly.


As is the case with the new Frigates, the new line of Cruisers are of course significantly more powerful than what was seen in the past. Now as large as the old Dreadnoughts, they serve as flagships of the fleet and house many fighters and essential personnel. The loss of such a craft would certainly be unsustainable.