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Part 14: Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 5 - Alpha-Centauri System Part 1

I'm leaving the country for a week this Saturday so doing a double was the clear choice.

Update 14 - Enemy Within

Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 5 - Alpha-Centauri System Part 1
Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 6 - Alpha-Centauri System Part 2
Colony Wars Vengeance - Fail Reel #3
Happy Kron The context for this is in Part 2!

As the Navy fights more with itself than against the League, they drag themselves to the first colony established outside of Sol: Alpha-Centauri. A military inquisition is formed in an organization known as The Watch, which Mertens is inducted into for his past exploits. The group is conniving and vicious. They eliminate their own to the same extent they would the traitors they are ostensibly there to root out. Although the League is seemingly on the defensive, the Navy's own struggle within is allowing them to hold their ground. In the Alpha-Centauri act, the Navy fights against traitors in its ranks and has to stem the corruption within itself or face defeat this close to the League's new home system. It is a conspiracy that will leave everyone questioning their value in the grand scheme of things and whether or not their devotion was misplaced.

If Mertens cannot maintain stability in the onset of the invasion of Alpha-Centauri, then he, like all of the Navy after the formation of The Watch, is placed under close surveillance and faces the very real risk of being labeled a traitor even for such 'crimes' as a lack of devotion or incompetence. The elite control the strategy and policy of the Navy under Kron's nose, and the blame for defeat lies solely on the pilots flying the missions. If unsuccessful, the Navy will succumb to the poison of the treacherous elements of The Watch and the League infiltrators. In potential addition to a natural disaster or breakdown in communications, the Navy will have no choice but to cut its losses and flee in utter confusion. The Watch would remain in power and continue to cloud Navy Command, and sooner or later, Kron's Navy would devour itself whole...

That bad ending is a really shitty way to go out. Also the best music in all the endings imo, but they're all good. That cutscene in Trial of the Judges was really eerie thanks to that music, too.

I have this head canon going on where after the Gallonigher/Sol missions, the League is fighting very defensively and have not extended themselves very far because they can't. My reasoning is that in Cronus they tried to go straight for Kron with the Widowmaker and the associated guerrilla tactics, and now in Alpha-Centauri they're relying on infiltrators and spies, whom as we see have gotten very high into the Navy and would whittle it down from the inside. The Navy becomes its own worst enemy for a time and would destroy itself (or just be destroyed by a natural disaster perhaps) if circumstances were unfortunate. Perhaps the canon is that the League did not get to mobilize as seen in the failure to destroy the Comms Rig in Gallonigher and the Navy has been hitting hard at all of the League's blind spots forcing these kinds of actions when in reality the League should have an overwhelming advantage. As we've seen even when the Navy was pushed back into Sol hypothetically, the League doesn't really commit any battleships to a fight. They just deposit fighters and jump out unless they can win the fight with minimal damage or think they can waltz right over the Navy and the Navy has only successfully pushed back by countering the League's obvious attempts at total victory.

Any one want to add to or subtract from my theory?


Diablo - Navy Super Fighter
A special operations craft granted only to select members of the Navy. Recently developed for use by Watch officers and other high-ranking pilots, the Diablo is the epitome of Navy fighter technology. It is armed with four torpedoes, eight missiles, the most powerful lasers and the ultimate dogfighting weapon: the Scatter Gun. It's an extremely durable, maneuverable and quick fighter more than capable of decimating entire squadrons and fleets of League forces.