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Part 15: Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 7 - Boreas System Part 1

I'm feeling pretty exhausted still and I want to try to get a Battlezone update out soon (plus I have other editing to do not related to my own) so I will just finish off Vengeance today. Next week, at some point, Red Sun will begin and this trilogy will come to its conclusion

Update 15 - Freedom

Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 7 - Boreas System Part 1
Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 8 - Boreas System Part 2
Colony Wars Vengeance - Fail Reel #4

The League is cornered in their new home system of Boreas. Kron's Navy penetrates the system and is confronted with the final Sentinel defense system in the form of a large cannon-bearing asteroid. Regardless of how this encounter goes, the Navy and League both are engaged by an unknown Alien force that threatens to destroy both sides completely. The result of the League and Navy losing their command staff would cause the known galaxy to fall into anarchy. The Navy abandons Kron's ideals and his insistence that the League be crushed and draw up plans to form an alliance with the League to combat the Alien forces. The subsequent battles include saving crippled battleships, destroying a vanguard Alien fleet, and capturing their technology. After the Navy holds its own in extremely dire circumstances, a ceasefire is signed and the Alien warp hole is sealed, saving the system.

But Kron isn't finished, and plans to go out in a blaze of glory. He targets his super-gun on the Boreas sun and attempts to destroy the entire system, but this plan is foiled and his command craft falls under attack. A dogfight ensues between Mertens and Kron, with the former eliminating the leader he once idolized and respected. With Kron out of the picture, the truth behind his motives revealed, and the Earth Empire long gone, the people of Sol and the people of the colony worlds finally have a chance to be at peace with one another.

The end of this trilogy is on its way!


Voodoo - Navy Experimental Fighter
Utilizing the latest human technology merged with Alien tech, the Voodoo is the ultimate expression of a fighter craft. The lasers equipped on this damage shields just as well as the hull of its target and the missiles and torpedoes have a significant punch, able to bring down capital ships very fast on their own, disregarding defenses just as well as the lasers. The maneuverability and speed of this craft is greater than any other seen in known human history, able to flip on a dime and travel faster than even the weapons trained on it. In the cockpit of the Voodoo, no pilot should ever be at a disadvantage in any scenario.