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Part 8: Allied 07 - Operation: Deep Sea

Allied 07: Operation: Deep Sea
Operation: Deep Sea

With on-going conflict continuing across the continental US, the Soviets are choosing this moment to invade US bases strewn about the Pacific. The most important of these, located at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, must be defended at all costs. The loss of this base would open up the entire west coast to attack and reinforcement.

Honolulu, Hawaii.

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Objective: Defend Pearl Harbor and destroy the Soviet fleet invasion fleet!

Briefing: The Soviets still cover most of the globe. We must continue to fight them wherever they may be. A Soviet fleet has been discovered en route to Hawaii. Destroy this fleet and the Pacific will be ours.

Author's note: Another intro map, showing off the higher-tier Allied naval units. Despite no World War 2, there is still a monument to the Pearl Harbor attack...

Name: Ben Carville
Aliases: General Thorn
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Leading General of the US Forces.
Voiced/Played by: Barry Corbin

Top military official for the United States of America's armed forces. Reports directly to the president. Enjoys antagonizing Tanya. Was temporarily subverted by the Soviet Union due to mind control weapons. Impressed by the Commander's ability to befriend Tanya.

Name: Lt. Eva
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Tactical and Communications officer for the Commander
Voiced/Played by: Athena Massey

Lt. Eva is the Commander's tactics and communications officer, providing a vital supporting role in the Commander's control of his forces, and the battlefield.

Name: Col. Porter
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Subordinate to Gen. Carville
Voiced/Played by: Robert Christensen

One of Gen. Carville's subordinates. Body double for Adam Sessler.

Name: Gen. Mjordze(?)
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Subordinate to Gen. Carville
Voiced/Played by: Robert Eustice

One of Gen. Carville's subordinates.

Aegis Cruiser
RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Medusa Missiles
COST: 1200

Another important Allied ship, the Aegis Cruiser is used to defend against aerial attacks. In addition to standard anti-aircraft defenses, Aegis Cruisers are also equipped with anti-missile defenses that can protect vital installations against missile attacks.

Author's Note: A very useful counter against the Soviet dreadnought, but a little disappointing overall as its a very one-dimensional unit.

Aircraft Carrier
ARMOR: Heavy
WEAPON: Hornet Aircraft
COST: 2000

Exactly as you might guess, the Aircraft Carrier is a large ship that attacks by sending its aircraft to launch an assault on the target. Planes from an Aircraft Carrier land, reload and continue attacking until the selected target is destroyed. Even better, any aircraft lost by the Aircraft Carrier are automatically replaced without any cost.

Author's Note: An invaluable unit for the Allies, but one that requires destroyers for personal defence against submarines, adding to their high cost. If you manage to keep these alive however, the free aircraft will devastate your opponent.


Faster than Par Time: "You defended Pearl Harbor with such ferocity that the Pacific is ours."

Slower than Par Time: "Pearl Harbor has been saved, but the Hawaiian islands have been devastated by the Soviet onslaught."