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Part 9: Allied 08 - Operation: Free Gateway

Allied 08: Operation: Free Gateway
Operation: Free Gateway

With the defense of Hawaii completed, the US has been able to refocus its troops, retaking Washington and Oregon from the Reds. The Soviets have been busy, however, constructing yet another Psychic Beacon in an attempt to convert the general population to their cause. Even the strongest of wills is no match for such dreadful technology, and nothing can be spared in preventing the Soviets from achieving their goal in Missouri. Tanya and an elite team will be paradropped into the area. Destroy the Beacon at all costs!

St. Louis, Missouri.

Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Objective: Destroy the Psychic Beacon!

Briefing: Even as we cleanse America of Soviet forces, they continue to play with their psychic technology, desperately hoping that their little toys will destroy us. We have discovered a Psychic Beacon in St. Louis. Take special agent Tanya in and destroy the beacon.

Author's note: An interesting map with easy cheese potential. I missed some resource crates you get by repairing the Arch, and I never reveal the entire area of the abandoned base to the bottom-left of the map.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: White House Aide
Voiced/Played by: Ann-Marie Lazaroff

Aide to the President of the United States of America. Stenographer.

Name: Ben Carville
Aliases: General Thorn
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Leading General of the US Forces.
Voiced/Played by: Barry Corbin

Top military official for the United States of America's armed forces. Reports directly to the president. Enjoys antagonizing Tanya. Was temporarily subverted by the Soviet Union due to mind control weapons. Impressed by the Commander's ability to befriend Tanya.

Name: Lt. Eva
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Tactical and Communications officer for the Commander
Voiced/Played by: Athena Massey

Lt. Eva is the Commander's tactics and communications officer, providing a vital supporting role in the Commander's control of his forces, and the battlefield.

Name: President Dugan
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: President of the United States of America
Voiced/Played by: Ray Wise

President of the United States of America. Helped install Premier Romanov in Soviet Russia. Defected to the Reds. Rehabilitated after the destruction of the Psychic Beacon in Washington D.C. Is willing to authorize lethal force in urban areas... provided you don't harm any of his constituents.

Name: Tanya
Aliases: Widowmaker
Affiliation: Hired Gun
Occupation: Special Agent / International Gun For Hire
Voiced/Played by: Kari Wuhrer

Agent Tanya is a renowned mercenary who plays by her own rules. It has been suggested that the name "Tanya" may be a codename, similar to Agent 007. Responded to the crisis and helped recapture the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, after having dealt with the Soviet invasion in New York. Sent to Poland to destroy the forward Soviet nukes used to deter European involvement in the ongoing Third World War. Sometimes uses an AK-47, sans top cover, as her primary weapon.

Prism Tank
RANGE: Medium-Long
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: "Comet" Laser Weapon
COST: 1200

This powerful Allied tank uses a weapon similar to the Allied Prism Tower. The powerful and deadly beam of light launched from the Prism Tank’s cannon radiates from the target to hit other nearby enemies, allowing this vehicle to single-handedly destroy entire groups of enemy units. The range of dispersal depends on how close the Prism Tank is to its initial target.

Author's Note: Unlike the Prism Tower, the tank version does not "connect" or merge beams for a stronger attack. I don't recall using this too much, but I can't say why - the Prism Tank isn't a bad option.


Faster than Par Time: "You saved Saint Louis before her citizens could come to any harm."

Slower than Par Time: "Saint Louis was saved, but thousands of American citizens were permanently turned to the Soviet cause."