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Part 11: Allied 10 - Operation: Mirage

Allied 10: Operation: Mirage
Operation: Mirage

With North America safe from Russian incursion and the Prism tech removed from their inventory, its time that the Allies turn their full attention towards Europe, and Russia. It is paramount that we contact Einstein, as he has new developments to show us. Once we have linked up with his laboratory, we can begin planning for the final thrust towards the Red bear.

Black Forest, Germany. This seems quite far behind the frontline, however...

Location: Black Forest, Germany
Objective: Defend Einstein's Lab and repel the Soviet attacks

Briefing: Desperate for some success, Soviet forces have counterattacked our European allies in Germany, moving deep into the Black Forest. No doubt their commanders hope that they will find and capture Einstein's laboratory. Your special talents have been asked for. The Germans fear they will be defeated without your strategic skills.

Author's note: An interesting mission that can be rather punishing if you don't have the right start. Easily cheesed.

Name: Ben Carville
Aliases: General Thorn
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Leading General of the US Forces. [DECEASED]
Voiced/Played by: Barry Corbin

Top military official for the United States of America's armed forces. Reports directly to the president. Enjoys antagonizing Tanya. Was temporarily subverted by the Soviet Union due to mind control weapons. Impressed by the Commander's ability to befriend Tanya. Killed before he could transfer to Europe when a suicide bomber infiltrated his HQ.

Mirage Tank
RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Mirage Tank Cannon
COST: 1000

In most ways, the Mirage Tank is similar to the Grizzly Battle Tank of the Allies. However, when not moving, this unit changes in appearance to look like a tree. It can fire on enemy units from this camouflaged state, making it difficult for the enemy to discover where the fire is coming from. They do, however, appear for a brief moment when firing. Used carefully (for instance, stopping Mirage Tanks in or near a forested area), these units can provide a devastating surprise attack.

Author's Note: I, like, never use Mirage Tanks. Lighter armor, but can be concealed. Maybe I'll find a reason to mass these instead of Grizzlies one day... oh wait, Prism Tanks exist!


Faster than Par Time: "Impressed by your efficiency, German Commanders have asked you to train their officers in strategy and command."

Slower than Par Time: "The Black Forest lab has been saved, Einstein's work can continue."