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Part 21: Soviet 08 - Operation: Desecration

Soviet 08: Operation: Desecration
Operation: Desecration

This How-To guide on becoming a Gray Man should come quite useful in these times. Try to avoid becoming an enemy of the state, like the loathsome General [REDACTED].

Fighting in the heart of the capital... again!

Location: Washington D.C., United States of America
Objective: Capture the traitor Vladimir!

Briefing: Even in the hour of our greatest victory, General Vladimir had turned against us. Tempted by the soft American lifestyle, he has gone rogue and convinced many loyal communists to do the same. You must go to Washington DC and dig Vladimir out of his wretched hole.

Author's note: Another mission with a multiplayer-exclusive unit, on a recurrent map. I wish there was more scripted events related to the Beacon or at least something to make the map a little more "fresh".

Name: Yuri
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Premier to the Glorious Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Udo Kier

Aide/Confidant to the Premier of the Soviet Union. May not be on the up-and-up, dislikes Gen. Vladimir. Knows the meaning of "Soviet Irony." Do not tr~urk! Glorious Yuri is friend to all!

Name: Alexander Romanov
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Premier of the Glorious Soviet Union [Presumed Dead]
Voiced/Played by: Nicholas Worth

Premier of the Soviet Union. Has a pet turtle named Harry; no dove though. A rather jovial fellow. Either has a medical condition, or is affected by Yuri by some fashion. Allegedly murdered by General Vladimir.

RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Plate
WEAPON: Man-Portable "Radiation" Cannon
COST: 600

Iraqi scientists have created the Desolator, a soldier that creates large areas of scorched, impassable earth. When deployed, the Desolator uses a radiation cannon to irradiate the ground around him, making it completely impassable to both infantry and light vehicles. He wears a protective suit to keep him safe from the radiation. When the Desolator is killed or undeployed, the ground he has poisoned will slowly return to normal.

Author's Note: A rather unique infantry that is an absolute monster against infantry. There's only one other infantry that can deal with this, and we haven't seen him yet.


Faster than Par Time: "Traitors beware: Your sudden and righteous attack on Washington D.C. has made your rivals fear your strategic skills."

Slower than Par Time: "Vladimir has been punished for his crimes. Your victory has not gone unnoticed in this dark hour."