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Part 23: Soviet 10 - Operation: Weathered Alliance

Soviet 10: Operation: Weathered Alliance
Operation: Weathered Alliance

Curiosity killed the cat. Are you a cat, comrade? It turns out that Stalin had spearheaded psychic prodigies before his demise, hence why Yuri is in the position he currently holds, as well as his and his personal troopers capabilities to... sway the minds of his opponents. But, there are more important things at hand. Einstein has created a device that can control weather patterns. The Allies must not be allowed to use it under any circumstance!

With the British no longer its own country, would the British Virgin Islands have joined with the US Virgin Islands?

Location: US Virgin Islands
Objective: Destroy the Weather Control Device!

Briefing: In their final desperate hours, the Allies have managed to produce one last bit of super-technology. They have a Weather Control Device which they can use to create terrible storms that can sink our fleets and level our cities. We believe they have hidden their doomsday weapon in the isolated US Virgin Islands.

Author's note: An interesting mission, with lots to do and plenty of time to do it (within the par time). The only issue being that the WCD is more vulnerable than it normally is.

Name: Yuri
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Premier to the Glorious Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Udo Kier

Aide/Confidant to the Premier of the Soviet Union. May not be on the up-and-up, dislikes Gen. Vladimir. Knows the meaning of "Soviet Irony." Do not tr~urk! Glorious Yuri is friend to all! Personal friend of Iosef Stalin.

Name: Lt. Zofia
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Intelligence Officer
Voiced/Played by: Aleksandra Kaniak

Intelligence Officer to the Commander.

Nuke Silo
ARMOR: Concrete
COST: 5000
PURPOSE: Superweapon

The ultimate weapon in the Soviet arsenal is the Nuclear Missile Silo. Once built, the Nuclear Missile Silo creates a huge nuclear missile that can be used to cause incredible devastation in the chosen area. Additionally, the aftermath of the missile leaves radiation that will kill any infantry units in the area and will damage lightly-armoured vehicles. When the Nuclear Missile Silo is built, all players are notified and the shroud above the device is removed for all players.

Author's Note: The first Soviet superweapon, the Nuke. This doesn't mess around. Large explosion, subsequent radiation; it will blow up and melt anything in its way! Two-key security lock not included.

Giant Squid
RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: These glands!
COST: 1000

Captured and trained by Soviet scientists, these huge creatures are capable of grasping enemy ships and crushing them with their huge, powerful tentacles. Giant Squids are stealth units and do not appear on enemy radar.

Author's Note: An interesting unit, that performs a similar function as the terror drone. The main difference being that the Squid disables its target entirely, but is vulnerable while in such a state.


Faster than Par Time: "Your strategic skills are becoming legendary. It is openly said among the men that it is you alone that will bring them victory."

Slower than Par Time: "The Allies cannot hold out much longer against your heavy-handed assaults. You use the lives of your men well."