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Part 25: Soviet 12 - Operation: Polar Storm

Soviet 12: Operation: Polar Storm
Operation: Polar Storm

With Yuri defeated, the Soviet forces have not only regained their senses, but are now poised to strike at the last remnants of the Allied forces. Sequestered at the very edge of Alaska, the Allies are still planning to strike at us with their foolish Chronosphere technology. Show them the might of the Soviet Union!

Considering the map we play on, it should probably have been at Wales, Alaska instead.

Location: Point Hope, Alaska, United States of America
Objective: Destroy the Allied Chronosphere!

Briefing: We have found the last feeble Allied stronghold. Their Chronosphere, now fully operational, can move soldiers anywhere in the world. They can strike at us in New York, in Prague, even in Moscow. Yuri's files show the device is located near Point Hope, Alaska. You must take what few forces we have in the area and lead an attack, before the Allies make use of their cowardly technology. This is the final hour, commander. Glory awaits

Author's note: A fun mission, with a difficult start but nothing outright frustrating. The 3 Kirovs in the top-right is disappointing, as is the capturable Construction Yard location, but otherwise a good way to end a campaign.

*Note for future me and you: Somehow forgot about having the Nuclear Reactor and the Sensor in the last mission*

Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Reporter/Journalist
Voiced/Played by: Gabriella Bern

Reporter for ongoing celebrations at Moscow.

Name: Lt. Zofia
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Intelligence Officer
Voiced/Played by: Aleksandra Kaniak

Intelligence Officer to the Commander. Loyal until the end, she is the Commander's most trusted subordinate.

Iron Curtain
ARMOR: Concrete
COST: 2500
PURPOSE: Superweapon

A fascinating piece of Soviet technology, the Iron Curtain allows you to make units and structures invulnerable for a short period of time. When ready and selected, the Iron Curtain will make all structures and units in a small area completely invulnerable to attack. Invulnerable units cannot be attacked by Terror Drones, but can still be mind-controlled. The force of the Iron Curtain will kill any infantry units it is used on. In this way, it can be used against enemy infantry as a weapon. When the Iron Curtain is built, all players are notified and the shroud above the device is removed for all players.

Author's Note: Capable of rendering any mechanical unit invincible for a short period of time, it allows an offensive to become a breakthrough. Also makes a nice bug zapper against any infantry caught within its effect.

Psychic Sensor
ARMOR: Concrete
COST: 100
PURPOSE: Pseudo-Radar

Soviet research into psychic phenomena has resulted in the Psychic Sensor. When deployed, this device allows you to see the orders given to any enemy units planning to attack any friendly units or structures within the device’s radius. When built, the sensor shows the attack target when the target is within range of the Psychic Sensor.

Author's Note: Displays movement lines for any unit attempting to move near the Sensor, it allows a pseudo-precognition ability for the Commander.

Cloning Vats
COST: 2500
PURPOSE: Overpowered Tech

A unique piece of Soviet technology, the Cloning Vat allows you to duplicate any infantry unit you create with your Barracks for free. Once you have built and placed a Cloning Vat, any unit you create in your Barracks will also produce an identical unit at the Cloning Vat.

Author's Note: Absolutely broken! Quickly flood the map with Conscripts, Dogs, Tesla Troopers, and Yuris, to eliminate your opponents.

Yuri Clone
RANGE: Medium
WEAPON: Spoons bent into absurd shapes
COST: 1200

The result of unique Soviet research, Yuri has the ability to mentally control most organic units and vehicles. When controlled, the enemy vehicle becomes, effectively, your unit, and you can order it to move and attack just as if you had built it yourself. If Yuri is killed, the connection with the enemy vehicle is broken and it returns to its original team. Yuri cannot control War-Miners, Chrono Miners, Attack Dogs, aircraft or other Yuri units. Yuri can also boil the minds of others with his mind-blowing attack. Simply double-click on him and watch surrounding infantry sizzle.

Author's Note: Potentially very broken, and doubly so when paired with the Cloning Vats. Provided they have air cover, there's little that can stand up to Yuri.


Faster than Par Time: "History will name you among the greatest commanders that has ever lived. Now the world is yours to rule."

Slower than Par Time: "The Allies are beaten and the world is begging to be spared the carnage of your armed forces. Supreme power is yours alone."