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Part 27: Allied X02 - Operation: Hollywood and Vain

Allied X02: Operation: Hollywood and Vain
Operation: Hollywood and Vain

We have received reports that, due to his control over large swathes of the population, Yuri is helping to fund his war efforts by... extracting them from the citizens themselves. Little information is known, due to the nature of the "operation" that each subject undergoes. Suffice to say that none of these monstrosities must be left standing.

Never been to LA, but it looks more or less accurate.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Objective: Destroy all Grinders, as well as all of Yuri's buildings in the area.

Briefing: Yuri has mind controlled the population of Los Angeles and is feeding the civilians into his Grinders to fund his Psychic Dominator project. If we can eliminate the Grinders, Yuri will have lost a significant source of funds.

Author's note: The only patch for Yuri's Revenge removes all the names and special quotes for the Actors. I hate the Battle Fortress, I just suck at using them. It's not impossible to use a higher resolution, but its significantly less hassle at 800x600, sorry!

Name: Ben Carville
Aliases: General Thorn
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Leading General of the US Forces. [UNDECEASED]
Voiced/Played by: Barry Corbin

Top military official for the United States of America's armed forces. Reports directly to the president. Enjoys antagonizing Tanya. Was temporarily subverted by the Soviet Union due to mind control weapons. Impressed by the Commander's ability to befriend Tanya. Killed before he could transfer to Europe when a suicide bomber infiltrated his HQ. Casually drops one of the best lines of all time related to time travel.

Name: Lt. Eva
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Tactical and Communications officer for the Commander
Voiced/Played by: Athena Massey

Lt. Eva is the Commander's tactics and communications officer, providing a vital supporting role in the Commander's control of his forces, and the battlefield.

Name: Yuri
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Premier to the Glorious Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Udo Kier

Aide/Confidant to the Premier of the Soviet Union. May not be on the up-and-up, dislikes Gen. Vladimir. Knows the meaning of "Soviet Irony." Do not tr~urk! Glorious Yuri is friend to all! Personal friend of Iosef Stalin. Traitor to the Motherland! Survived the war and has developed mind control devices that can control the minds of citizens over entire continents. Uses GOP scare tactics to convince weak-minded individuals to submit to an evil dictator.

Battle Fortress
RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Heavy
WEAPON: 20mm AutoCannon
COST: 2000

This massive construction grinds over the battlefield, crushing infantry, vehicles (even tanks) and walls with equal ease. Up to five infantry units can be placed inside the Battle Fortress. These infantry units can shoot out of the many ports, adding to the carnage.

Author's Note: 2000 buckaroos for a vehicle that will basically need 4 or 5 infantry to jump in for that extra power. Yes, it IS nice that it can flatten enemy tanks, but they typically don't survive after crushing the first. They are more expensive than an Apocalypse Tank.

Grand Cannon
ARMOR: Steel
COST: 2000
PURPOSE: Defensive Structure

This special French weapon is not a vehicle, but a large structure called the Grand Cannon. Once created, the Grand Cannon provides extremely effective base defence against enemy attacks, particularly against armoured units.

Author's Note: Originally, this building was only available in the Skirmish mode while playing as France.


Faster than Par Time: "Great job, Commander. Your quick actions minimized civilian losses in the city and denied Yuri an important source of income to fund his plans. Hollywood agents are already offering deals for the rights to your life story."

Slower than Par Time: "Yuri has lost an important source of funds, but not without exacting a heavy price on the civilian population of Los Angeles."


There are 3 special characters that all had unique lines in the original version of the game. For whatever reason, all of them were patched out, including their unique names. These were:

-Sammy Stallion
-Flint Westwood
-Arnnie Frankenfurter

I can't even find the files hidden anywhere, so if you have an original version of Yuri's Revenge, you have a theoretical gold mine on your hands.