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Part 28: Allied X03 - Operation: Power Play

Allied X03: Operation: Power Play
Operation: Power Play

With one of Yuri's major sources of funds cut off, its time we start rescuing more of the civilian population, starting with the city of Seattle, and essentially the rest of the west coast of the continental United States of America.

Seattle, Washington.

Location: Seattle, Washington State, USA
Objective: Destroy Yuri's Nuclear Silo.

Briefing: Now that we've destroyed Yuri's primary source of funds, the madman has decided to take a more direct approach. Yuri has set up a Nuclear Silo in Seattle and is using it to extort money and technical expertise from the MassiveSoft corporation. We must save the city and MassiveSoft from Yuri's nuclear threat.

Author's note: I like the idea behind this mission. The limited arsenal doesn't feel too restrictive (other than not having Mirage Tanks!) and the ebb & flow of the mission works well with the objective.

Name: Lt. Eva
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Tactical and Communications officer for the Commander
Voiced/Played by: Athena Massey

Lt. Eva is the Commander's tactics and communications officer, providing a vital supporting role in the Commander's control of his forces, and the battlefield.

Name: Bob Bing
Aliases: None
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Chairman of Massivesoft
Voiced/Played by: Rick Ginn

Owner of Massivesoft, Mr. Bing developed one of the most successful and widely used search engines known to man.

RANGE: Extreme
COST: 600

This British infantry unit is equipped with a special long-range rifle useful in taking out enemy infantry units. Much better than regular GIs, the sniper gains tremendous range and power, killing off enemy infantry units with a single shot from well out of their range.

Author's Note: A very useful addition to the regular lineup, the Sniper originally being exclusive to the British faction in the original game. Placed in IFVs, these things can cause chaos against any unprepared infantry commander.


Faster than Par Time: "Yuri's plot to blackmail the city of Seattle has been thwarted. Your lightning-fast response prevented heavy losses to the population. Yuri will have to look elsewhere to fund his war effort."

Slower than Par Time: "Though Yuri has been driven from Seattle, the city paid a heavy price for your victory. Much of Seattle now lies in radioactive ruins, and the software market has been thrown into disarray."

*Additional Note*

Changed the final video to 1600x1200 as per suggestion from the thread. Let me know if its better or not.