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Part 36: Soviet X04 - Operation: Romanov on the Run

Soviet X04: Operation: Romanov on the Run
Operation: Romanov on the Run

The Premier's plane has been shot down and he is now hiding in Morocco attempting to evade Yuri's forces. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the Premier?

Quite likely to be Casablanca, though I suppose once could point to Rabat as well.

Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Objective: Rescue Premier Romanov

Briefing: Premier Romanov has been shot down by Yuri's forces. We must locate the Premier and take him to the airport so he can be rescued. Yuri has built a tough defense around the airport that we need to eliminate before the Premier's rescue can be secure.

Author's note: Like many desert levels, it feels far too open for its own good. That being said, you get most of your toys by now, and its fun to see demolition trucks and superweapons together.

Name: Lt. Zofia
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Intelligence Officer
Voiced/Played by: Aleksandra Kaniak

Intelligence Officer to the Commander. Loyal until the end, she is the Commander's most trusted subordinate.

Demolition Truck
RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Carbomb
COST: 1500

The Libyan Demolition Truck is a suicide vehicle designed to create maximum mayhem and carnage in the enemy base. This truck carries a small nuclear charge. When the truck is attacked, the charge detonates, destroying everything in a wide radius.

Author's Note: Yet another ex-skirmish only unit, the Demolition Truck is a scary foe to encounter at any moment. Keep your distance from these, regardless of who's side its on!

Battle Bunker
ARMOR: Steel
COST: 500
PURPOSE: Basic defensive structure

This new defensive structure has no actual defences of its own, but it can be fortified by Conscripts to provide formidable firepower. When Conscripts are placed inside a Battle Bunker, it operates exactly like a garrisoned building. Because it is a Soviet structure, the Battle Bunker can be repaired when damaged.

Author's Note: While it can only garrison Conscripts, they can be powerful when used properly, and moreso when combined with other defenses.

Industrial Plant
COST: 2500
PURPOSE: Economic building

When built and placed, this structure significantly reduces the cost of all vehicles. Additionally, the Industrial Plant reduces the build time of these units accordingly.

Author's Note: If you ever plan on building large numbers of vehicles, you absolutely must get an industrial plant to go with it.


Faster than Par Time: "Premier Romanov has been rescued and safely evacuated thanks to your quick and decisive elimination of Yuri's base."

Slower than Par Time: "Premier Romanov has been rescued and safely evacuated but he is not happy. It took long for you to rescue him."