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Part 40: Allied 05 - Operation: Dark Night [Bonus]

Allied 05: Operation: Dark Night [BONUS]
Operation: Dark Night [BONUS]

Now that the situation has stabilized itself somewhat in the continental United States, its time to send out calls for help, especially for our old allies in Europe. Unfortunately for us, the Soviets have a number of forward nuclear silos that are threatening to attack any targets of opportunity from Spain to Germany! If we are ever to balance the scales of power, we will need to send in a team of infiltrators to knock out those nuclear weapons for good.

In the cutscene and loading screen, the location appears to be given somewhere on the Polish/Belorussian border, and Poland already being Allied!

Location: Polish/Belorussian Border.
Objective: Neutralize the Soviet nuclear missiles in the area.

Briefing: European forces still refuse to fight with us, fearing a Soviet nuclear counterattack. We have discovered the location of their medium-range missiles in Poland. Special agent Tanya has secretly crossed the Polish border. You will direct her to destroy the Soviet Nuclear Missiles.

Author's note: Messing around with some missed content.