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by Jobbo_Fett

Part 45: Yuri's Revenge Maps + Coop Showcase

Yuri's Revenge Maps: Campaigns and Co-Op
Maps: Yuri's Revenge and Co-Op

The final video is upon us. It does not feature any new gameplay footage due to it being impossible to solo the co-op missions, due to the AI alliance "bug". Of the Yuri's Revenge maps, the only one with any must-see secrets was a sniper+IFV spawning on Tomb Raided, but its not special or important enough to be worth recording/editing it in. If you want the free units just head into that corner whenever.


Location: Unknown
Objective: Reveal Secrets

Briefing: Showcasing the Yuri's Revenge maps.

Author's note: Exploring the expansion's maps




That's it. That is the entirety of Red Alert 2 that I can show off for the time being. Up next is Command & Conquer: Renegade!