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Part 2: Allied Mission 02 "Five to One"

Allied Mission 02
Allied Mission 02

The year 19XX, we know exactly what year it is, but the current political climate is hectic at best. While the player knows it is an alternate timeline, nobody aside from Einstein and the aide has alluded to such knowledge yet. And, for all we know, the alternate timeline may have erased their memories. Timelines get weird. Soviet Russia has captured Einstein, through unknown means, and we have recently rescued him from captivity. In addition to this, it appears the Soviets have decided to attack the Allied Forces, an alliance formed by most European nations out of fear of Soviet aggression. Despite this attempt to mitigate an attack across national borders, it is now up to the Allies to try to survive.

To that end, there is a convoy carrying vital supplies near the Czechoslovakian-Polish border

Possibly in the region of Jesenik/Ostrava/Prudnik. Based on some google-map'ing.

Location: Unknown, Czechoslovakian-Polish border
Objective: Clear the area so that the Convoy can reach their destination.

Briefing: A critical supply convoy is due through this area in 25 minutes, but Soviet forces have blocked the road in several places. Unless you can clear them out, those supplies will never make it to the front. The convoy will come from the northwest, and time is short so work quickly.

Author's note: A nice, simple introduction to base-building with plenty of reinforcements that reminded me of the first NOD mission in Tiberian Dawn.

Name: General Von Esling
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Commander of the Allied forces in Europe
Voiced/Played by: Arthur Roberts

A seemingly no-nonsense leader who is willing to try unorthodox means if it means completing his goals.

Name: Nikos(?)
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Commander within the Allied forces
Voiced/Played by: Barry Kramer

A stickler for the rules, and unwilling to use outside help.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Trains Infantry units
The Tent Barracks is where all Allied infantry are trained. Some advanced / special infantry units may not be available until other structures are built.

Author's Note: The Allied infantry building. Its called TENT Barracks because the Soviet building is also called the Barracks.

ARMOR: Medium
PURPOSE: Anti-infantry defense
Armed with a rapid fire vulcan cannon, the Pillbox is ideal for defending your base from enemy infantry attacks.

Author's Note: Your basic defense building against infantry units.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Provides power for base structures The standard Power Plant. Power output is directly related to the Power Plant’s condition, so protect them during battles.

Author's Note: The regular Power Plant generates 100 Power.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Smelts, stores, holds, and converts ore into spendable credits. The Refinery smelts ore into its component elements. Building the Refinery immediately deploys an Ore Truck. The Refinery can store up to 2,000 credits of smelted ore.

Author's Note: I never really noticed the "Light Armor", but the 2,000 credit storage is nice. That's twice more than in TD!

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Passive defense
The Sandbag Barrier is good for stopping non tracked vehicles and infantry. All tracked vehicles can run right over this barrier.

Author's Note: No more sandbag exploits .

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Holds smelted ore
This Silo can hold up to 1,500 credits of smelted ore. Guard it carefully. If destroyed or stolen, the amount stored is deducted from your account.

Author's Note: The only change is that it's now a 1-tile building, instead of 2.

Construction Yard
ARMOR: Heavy
PURPOSE: Allows construction of all other base structures The Construction Yard is the foundation of a base and allows the construction of other buildings.

Author's Note: Nothing to say, really. It is the building you want to keep alive, at all costs.

ARMOR: Heavy
The Mobile Construction Vehicle allows creation or expansion of a base. Although expensive, the MCV is useful to have around if the original Construction Yard (a favorite target of the enemy) is destroyed or captured. As with any other construction facility, the more of them you have, the faster construction will proceed.

Author's Note: An MCV costs half as much as its Tiberian Dawn counterpart, $2500. With such a decrease in cost, its now much easier to expand.

WEAPON: Bandages
Any friendly infantry near the Medic will automatically be healed to full health. Although a Medic cannot heal himself, Medics working in teams make excellent additions to any infantry force.

Author's Note: One of the best additions to the Allied arsenal. Barring one-hit kills, the Medic can extend the value of an infantry force by a large amount.

RANGE: Medium
WEAPON: Dragon TOW rocket
Capable of rapidly damaging armored units, these infantry make up for their lack of speed with a powerful punch. In addition to dealing with ground targets, their missiles are also effective against airborne attackers.

Author's Note: The only thing Rocket Soldiers do poorly is attacking/damaging infantry units.

ARMOR: Heavy
The Ore Truck collects raw, unprocessed ore. Although slow, it is heavily armored, able to withstand a hammering and still escape intact.

Author's Note: Named "Harvesters" in the rules.ini file, they get one great upgrade from Tiberian Dawn. They have the Mammoth Tank's self-healing ability, again up to half their HP.