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Part 4: Allied Mission 04 "Ten to One"

Allied Mission 04
Allied Mission 04

The setbacks continue, and, despite blowing up key bridges and delaying Soviet forces, they have returned in greater number to the same mountain pass we defended only a few missions ago. Use your available forces, reinforce the base, and eliminate the Soviet presence from the area.

Returning to a previous level!

Location: Unknown, Czechoslovakian-Polish border
Objective: Destroy the bridges in the nearby area to blunt the Soviet advance.

Briefing: Soviet forces are trying to retake the pass you cleared for our convoys. Don't let this happen. Hold the pass and prevent the Soviets from taking this vital area. Destroy all Soviet units and buildings in this region.

Author's note: I love the mechanic of using a base and forces that were established in a previous mission. Even though we have such a boon, the map itself can still present a challenge to newer players.

Name: General Von Esling
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Commander of the Allied forces in Europe
Voiced/Played by: Arthur Roberts

A seemingly no-nonsense leader who is willing to try unorthodox means if it means completing his goals.

Name: Nikos Stavros
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Commander within the Allied forces
Voiced/Played by: Barry Kramer

A stickler for the rules, and unwilling to use outside help.

ARMOR: Heavy
PURPOSE: Anti-infantry defense
Identically equipped as the Pillbox, this defensive structure has the advantages of better armor and near-perfect camouflage. It blends with the surrounding terrain, making it virtually invisible.

Author's Note: While the manual states the camo pillbox as having more armor, I did not see this to be true in the rules.ini file, most likely due to patches after the manual was released.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Provides radar
The Radar Dome gives you an overhead view of the battlefield when fully powered.

Author's Note: Nothing too special about the allied Radar Dome. It unlocks higher tech levels, but otherwise isn't remarkable.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Repairs & reloads vehicles The Service Depot repairs any damaged vehicle that you move onto it. Mine Layer units can be re-loaded by driving them onto the pad. (Repairing a vehicle is much faster than building one, and costs a fraction of the original price. This is a worthy investment.)

Author's Note: As with Tiberian Dawn, if you can stomach the long repair times, it IS a worthy investment. The fact that you can queue units allows for less headaches when repairing a large force in one go.

ARMOR: Heavy
PURPOSE: Anti-tank defense
A Turret-mounted 105mm cannon. Heavily armored with good range, this Turret is effective against armored threats.

Author's Note: The standard Allied anti-tank defensive structure.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Constructs vehicles
This structure is responsible for the building of all ground -based Allied vehicles. Building multiple War Factories decreases the amount of time required to create a vehicle.

Author's Note: The only thing I can say about the War Factory is that it feels extremely slow to build.

RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Medium
WEAPON: 75mm Cannon
The standard Allied Tank. Fast, with decent armor, the Light Tank works well in mixed groups, and also in large divisions. What it lacks in firepower, it makes up for in speed and rapid fire.

Author's Note: In small numbers, these things aren't worth the cost once/if you get access to better tanks.

ARMOR: Medium
The Anti-Tank Mine Layer is one of the most effective units on the Allied side. Able to destroy most units with just one mine, a savvy commander can neutralize an enemy force before they get near a base. The Mine Layer carries 5 mines, and can be reloaded at the Service Depot.

Author's Note: I don't care all that much for this unit, but it is handy. Its more of a personal thing. Great for traps and murdering ore trucks or mining mineral fields.