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Part 6: Allied Mission 06 "Infiltrate and destroy Iron Curtain research center"

Allied Mission 06
Allied Mission 06

Tanya has been rescued, and Stavros finally starts to speak again before being interrupted by the arrival of Professor Einstein. Stalin has begun developing a new weapon at a research laboratory in the Aegean sea. The allied high command is dealt another blow when the Iron Curtain's true purpose is revealed; the Soviet's are capable of making their forces invincible!

Author's Note: Professor Einstein's papers show the Chronosphere on the front page.

I presume its in the area of Naxos Island, but could be a little further west.

Location: In the Aegean Sea, possibly near or on the island of Naxos.
Objective: Infiltrate the Soviet tech center(s) and destroy the base.

Briefing: Priority One is to establish a base and get your spy into one of the Soviet tech centers in the base across the gulf. Data on the Iron Curtain is in there and we need it. Once you get the data, complete your mission... wipe out everything.

Author's note: The AI steps up its ability to fight and setting up your defenses starts to become a critical issue. Its also a map that benefits from a little exploration before planting the roots of your base.

Name: General Von Esling
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Commander of the Allied forces in Europe
Voiced/Played by: Arthur Roberts

A seemingly no-nonsense leader who is willing to try unorthodox means if it means completing his goals. Von Esling has a renewed belief that Soviet aggression has only made the Allies that much stronger.

Name: Nikos Stavros
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Commander within the Allied forces
Voiced/Played by: Barry Kramer

A stickler for the rules, and unwilling to use outside help. Stunned at the loss of his home country of Greece.

Name: Albert Einstein
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Professor, Scientist, Murderer, Creator of the Chronosphere
Voiced/Played by: John Milford

A professor and scientist, Einstein travels through time to "eliminate" Adolf Hitler. Instrumental in the creation of the Chronosphere, as well as revealing the true purpose of the Iron Curtain project.

ARMOR: Heavy
PURPOSE: Anti-aircraft defense
Although its range is not great, any enemy aircraft flying over these are guaranteed to be heavily damaged, if not destroyed. They are accurate and deadly.

Author's Note: Power-hungry, the AA gun is the Allies air defense building, and performs quite well in that tasking.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Constructs & repairs naval vessels
The Naval Yard builds and launches all Allied naval vessels. Damaged sea craft docked at the Naval Yard can be repaired. Building multiple Naval Yards decreases the amount of time required to create a naval vessel.

Author's Note: The structure with which all the Allied naval power stems from, I always feel like this building has a build range far outside the norm, but maybe that's how it used to be?

RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: 2-inch deck gun & depthcharge launcher
The fastest and lightest of the Allied naval vessels, the Gunboat is good at scouting naval routes, and detecting Submarines before they can cause any mischief. Its depth charge launcher will automatically fire at any Submarine that is detected nearby.

Author's Note: The basic Allied warship, it has the speed advantage over the other, larger boats, but is pretty much only useful as a meat shield once those better options become available.

ARMOR: Medium
The Landing Ship Transport allows transportation of up to 5 ground-based units across the water. Transports can only be loaded / unloaded on shore terrain, and they are at their most vulnerable while unloading.

Author's Note: The player gets to control these now! They are not a headache to use, most times, thanks to the queuing when loading multiple units at once.