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Part 9: Allied Mission 09 "Evacuate Kosygin"

Allied Mission 09
Allied Mission 09

The Soviets have developed nuclear weapons! We need to extract Kosygin, a defector, who will hopefully provide us with much needed information on Stalin's nuclear capabilities.

This mission takes place near Tallinn, Estonia.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia (Approx.)
Objective: Evacuate Kosygin from the area.

Briefing: One of Stalin's top atomic strategists, Vladimir Kosygin, wishes to defect. His knowledge of Stalin's atomic strategies is invaluable to us. We wish to "extract" him from the Riga compound, where he is stationed. Use a spy to infiltrate the Soviet command center and contact Kosygin. Once he is out of the building, get him back to your base any way you can.

Author's note: A nice change of pace. You only need to get Kosygin back to your base for a successful extraction.

Name: General Von Esling
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Commander of the Allied forces in Europe
Voiced/Played by: Arthur Roberts

A seemingly no-nonsense leader who is willing to try unorthodox means if it means completing his goals. Von Esling has a renewed belief that Soviet aggression has only made the Allies that much stronger.

RANGE: Extreme
ARMOR: Heavy
WEAPON: 8-inch artillery cannons
Slow moving death. What the Cruiser lacks in speed, it makes up for in firepower and range. Able to lob destruction onto targets incredible distances away, this ship can decimate an enemy base in minutes. A favorite target of Submarines, these ships have no sea-based defenses, relying on the faster moving Destroyer and Gunboat to protect them.

Author's Note: The longest-ranged unit in the game, the cruiser can absolutely devastate an enemy base in mere moments. What it has in firepower, however, it lacks in speed and anti-air defenses. It can still attack subs, but probably not in the intended way.