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Part 12: Allied Mission 12 "Takedown"

Allied Mission 12
Allied Mission 12

Uhhh... somewhere near Velsk, I guess?

Location: Velsk, Soviet Union.
Objective: Capture Soviet Tech Centers and destroy the Iron Curtain prototype.

Briefing: Rumors abound that the Soviet Iron Curtain is nearing completion. In addition, an even more powerful version of that weapon is also in the works. One research facility is more protected than the rest - find out why. Capture all technology centers, and destroy any Iron Curtain prototype that you encounter. Our newly developed Longbow Helicopter should be able to assist your attacks.

Author's note: The start of a slower series of videos, thanks in part to a windows update that killed my audio for like... 6 videos before I realized what happened. So enjoy seeing how different the AI acts at the later stages of the campaign!

Name: General Von Esling
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Commander of the Allied forces in Europe
Voiced/Played by: Arthur Roberts

A seemingly no-nonsense leader who is willing to try unorthodox means if it means completing his goals. Von Esling has a renewed belief that Soviet aggression has only made the Allies that much stronger. General Von Esling has tasked the Commander with numerous high profile and important missions, including the rescue of Major Kosygin.