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Part 18: Soviet Mission 04 "Behind the Lines"

Soviets Mission 04
Soviets Mission 04

With successful attacks into Germany, and the spy threat dealt with, the intelligence officer now tasks us with being the diversionary force to pull Allied troops away from Berlin.

Somewhere near/between Bremen and Hamburg.

Location: The area of Bremen/Hamburg.
Objective: Use your forces to create a diversion and weaken the Allies defending Berlin.

Briefing: The Allied base in this region is proving to be problematic. Your mission is to take it out so that we can begin to move forces through this area. As long as they have communications they will be able to call upon heavy reinforcements. Crush their communications, and they should be easier to remove.

Author's note: The missions now get harder, but overall I like this map. There's a timer on the player when it comes to enemy reinforcements, but the base itself doesn't have any nasty tricks

Name: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Intelligence Officer for the Soviets
Voiced/Played by: Andrea Robinson

Projects a perfectionist attitude and seemingly holds a grudge against Gradenko.

RANGE: Short
WEAPON: AK-47 Rifle
Dropped from the Badger, this squad of 5 infantry soldiers are in every way similar to regular ground based infantry. Paratroopers can be dropped anywhere on the map, even in areas not yet explored.

Author's Note: As I said in the video, it sucks that you ONLY get rifle infantry for this, even though we've clearly seen that it is possible to airdrop varied groups. Regardless, a free squad of infantry that can drop anywhere on the map is pretty handy, so long as you don't drop them in spots covered in anti-air fire... or anti-infantry stuff when they land.

ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: V2 Rocket
The V2 Launcher can destroy most buildings with just two rockets. Factor in its incredible range, and it is easy to see why the Allies fear this weapons platform. Its drawbacks are its light armor, long reload time, and inability to hit fast-moving targets.

Author's Note: The longest ranged ground unit, the extreme distance at which they can fire does come at the expense of defensive stats. In the same vein, they require time to launch their munitions at the enemy, and their reload time is rather high.

ARMOR: Medium
The AP mine layer deploys Anti-Personnel Mines to thwart the Allied heavy infantry ranks. This Mine can destroy entire groups of infantry with one explosion. The Mine Layer carries 5 mines, and can be reloaded at the Service Depot.

Author's Note: The Anti-Personnel version of the mine layer, it has the same functions as the Allied version.