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Part 25: Soviet Mission 11 "Destroy the Allied navy"

Soviets Mission 11
Soviets Mission 11

Incompetence will not be tolerated.

Just the entire English Channel (Probably one of the islands off the coast of France)

Location: Somewhere along the English channel.
Objective: Destroy the Allied naval refueling base.

Briefing: Intelligence indicates that a large portion of the Allied Naval Fleet will stop for refueling at a base in this area. Destroy the fleet and the base. Beware the long range of their cruisers.

Author's note: Probably the best briefing intro in this entire game that doesn't feature Stalin in it. The way everyone talks and reacts with eachother is fantastic!

Name: Capt. Georgi Kukov
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Commander within the Soviet Forces [Chief of Field Operations]
Voiced/Played by: Craig Cavanah

A seemingly no-nonsense leader within the Soviet Forces. A god damn pervert who likes to watch his boss fuck. Conspiring with Nadia to eliminate Gradenko. Allows the player the use of the new MiG attack aircraft.

Name: Nadia
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Intelligence Officer for the Soviets
Voiced/Played by: Andrea Robinson

Projects a perfectionist attitude and seemingly holds a grudge against Gradenko. Tasks the Commander with preventing a nuclear meltdown. Is in a relationship(?) with Stalin.

Name: Gradenko
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Deceased
Voiced/Played by: Alan Terry

Manages the production and management of Stalin's lethal gas weapons. The only good one. Was the first to report the Allied use of the Chronosphere to Stalin. Murdered by Nadia.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Constructs & reloads
The Helipad allows construction of helicopters, and will reload any that are in need. Each new Helipad comes with a Hind.

Author's Note: The soviet version of the helipad.

RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Heavy
WEAPON: Vulcan chain-gun
Large and armored, the Hind uses its highvelocity Vulcan chain-gun to tear apart enemy units and structure. Equipped with a large ammo supply, the Hind will follow its target for quite some time, all the while wearing away at its defenses.

Author's Note: A not-so-bad unit, but I rarely see a point in getting any. It does complement the MiG well, it should be said.

RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Heavy
WEAPON: Twin 120mm Cannons &
missile packs.
Tanks don’t come any bigger. The largest land-based weapons platform, the Mammoth Tank can take and dish out a lot of punishment. Its twin cannons are unmatched in power on land, and its missiles make it effective against infantry and air units as well.

Author's Note: My favorite unit in the series, and only changed for the better in RA vs Tiberian Dawn. It still suffers from issues if swarmed by many units from many directions, but in the land of tanks it reigns supreme!