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Part 31: Allies - Sarin Gas: Controlled Burn

Sarin Gas: Controlled Burn
Sarin Gas: Controlled Burn

After infiltrating the Sarin Gas underground facility, Allied forces emerge at the rear of the main facility. Now it is up to the Commander to prevent further use of the gas by capturing the production facilities and eliminating all Soviet forces in the area.

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Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Capture the Sarin Gas facilities while also eliminating all Soviet presence in the area.

Briefing: We have infiltrated the Soviet's Sarin facility. However, the main entrance is guarded by a wall of Tesla coils. We can't move a large force in until they are taken down. Infiltrate the power grid to the east, and destroy the power plants. Once done, reinforcements will arrive. Destroy the Soviet compound, but capture all of the Sarin processor buildings intact -- we can't have a chemical spill.

Author's note: A tough start to a mission that requires planning to complete successfully, and a neat end to this series of missions. Even though it requires engineers to capture buildings!

Name: Gen. Carville
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Allied
Occupation: General in the Allied Forces
Voiced/Played by: Barry Corbin

Impressed with the Commander's work, he awards them with a field promotion to Sergeant. [This seems strange, as it implies that a Corporal is leading large groups of units, and has overall command of a base.]