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Part 40: Soviets - Legacy of Tesla

Legacy of Tesla
Legacy of Tesla

The Allies have managed to steal vital information on the construction of our MIG aircraft, and are preparing to use that in conjunction with nuclear weapons to form a deadly strike force. You must stop it!

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Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Destroy the Allied prototype MIG and the surrounding bases.



Command Directive: 543 - Prochnov

Authorization: Moscow Premier

Directive: The Allies have stolen vital data on the design of our MIG aircraft. We have learned that the Allies are construction a MIG of their own with a nuclear payload. We have established a base in the area, now it is up to you to destroy their prototype aircraft and the bases defending it.

You have been given a group of our new Tesla tanks to facilitate your task. They are irreplaceable, so do not waste them.

Author's note: A frustrating low point in the scenarios seen so far, and possibly due to how I played it, rather than how it was intended. Regardless, it was a frustrating grind to play through this level.



I am omitting the Tesla tank because, much like those seen on the Allied side, and the ATS seen previously, they are modifications to existing units/sprites rather than new units entirely.