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Part 41: Soviets - Volkov & Chitzkoi

Volkov & Chitzkoi
Volkov & Chitzkoi

Not only did the Allies steal the means of constructing MIG attack aircraft, but they also stole documents leading to the creation of advanced armor, capable of resisting nearly any attack. Make sure those responsible are dealt with so that such a technological advantage is not gained!

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Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Destroy the Allied control center and alloy facility.

Briefing: The Allies have stolen a new armor plating from us. With it, they can make structures nearly invulnerable. Their processing plant must be destroyed. For this critical a mission, we are allowing you access to Soldier Volkov. Use him and his cybernetic dog to sabotage the Allied control center, allowing our units in the southeast access to the alloy facility. The mission is a success when Volkov destroys the control center, and our units destroy the alloy facility.

Author's note: This one's nothing like the previous mission, and introduces two of the best characters this game has!