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Part 42: Soviets - Top O' The World

Top O' The World
Top O' The World

A truck convoy is enroute to a vital Soviet base at the top of the mountain. The Allies, however, are attempting to intercept said convoy to prevent the resupply necessary for the survival of the base. Make sure that convoy reaches their destination alive.

-.. .. ... .--. .- - -.-. .... / - .-. --- --- .--. ... / .- ... .- .--.

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Ensure the trucks reach the Soviet base at the top of the mountain.

Briefing: A critical cargo held in this supply truck convoy must reach the waystation atop this mountain. The way is blocked by Allied squads, but do not let that deter you -- the cargo must reach its destination. In addition, the onset of nightfall has brought sub-zero temperatures with it. The Allies are prepared for this -- our units are not. The life expectancy of your troops in these extremes is limited. Infantry may last 20 minutes, while vehicles could survive for up to an hour. You have little time. Go!

Author's note: I like this map, although it seems strange that so little of it is used. It'll have to wait until the map video to see what exactly we could be missing... if anything at all!