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Part 46: Ants.

Classified! 2
Classified! 2

Now that the cat's out of the bag, I can talk about Ants(!) I was blown away the first time I discovered that they were an actual thing, and, way back when, I didn't have the ability or know-how to not only look it up beforehand, but also to figure out ways to beat the mission(s). I don't ever recall even beating the first mission, much less the second, so going through them now has been yet another fun romp, akin to the bonus stuff from Tiberian Dawn.

The Counterstrike expansion was nice enough to include one last morse code transmission.


.... --- .-.. -.. -.. --- .-- -. - .... . .-.. . ..-. -
... .... .. ..-. - -.- . -.-- .- -. -.. .-.. . ..-. -
-.-. .-.. .. -.-. -.- --- -. - .... . .-. --- ..- -. -..
... .--. . .- -.- . .-.

It translates to



Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Destroy the bridges in the area to isolate the ants, and evacuate the local civilian population.

Briefing: Who would've believed it -- Giant Ants! Now that your MCV has arrived, we must evacuate the civilians in the area -- they don't stand a chance against these ants. There are two villages in your immediate area. Locate them and evacuate the civilians to the island in the northwest. You'll also have to take out all the bridges in this area to stop the ants from completely overrunning you. You must destroy the bridges, and evac at least one civilian from each town for the mission to be a success.

Author's note: A nice map, with a return of the mechanic that preserves the forces from our previous mission. Challenging and, aside from Ore Truck snipes, fun.



Briefing from Mission 1 posted:

We've lost contact with one of our outposts. Before it went off-line, we received a brief communique about giant ants. We're unsure what to make of this report, so we want you to investigate. Scout the area, bring the outpost back online, and report your findings. If there is a threat, reinforcements will be sent in to help you. Keep the base functional and radio contact open -- we don't want to lose the outpost again.