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Command & Conquer: Red Alert

by Jobbo_Fett

Part 53: Allies - Negotiations


Carville calls us into his office to, once again, to inform us of the various emergencies at hand. Our first job is to recuse some hostages, with Tanya being inserted covertly into the area. Save the civilians, and then eliminate the Soviets!

[This space left intentionally blank.]

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Save the civilians. Once done, eliminate all Soviet forces in the area.

Briefing: A Soviet force has holed up in a small town, threatening to kill a hostage every 5 minutes until their demands are met. We do not negotiate with terrorists -- explain this to them. Locate the hostages, free as many of them as you can, and get them safely to a nearby abandoned church. Once done, return to your drop-off point, signal for reinforcements, and finish off the Soviet forces.

Author's note: An interesting, and fun, mission. The only disappointment, really, is that some of these levels could have much more depth. For example, is the hostage taker an important character, does he come back in a later level? You can only do so much when release dates breathe down your neck.

Name: Gen. Carville
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Allied
Occupation: General in the Allied Forces
Voiced/Played by: Barry Corbin

Impressed with the Commander's work, he awards them with a field promotion to Sergeant. Cares more about results than offending others. Awards the commander with the Medal of Honor, and wants a private meeting at the Officer's Club Listens to recordings of gunfire and combat during work hours. Loves cigars.