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Part 59: Soviets - Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy
Shock Therapy

Recently, we've been alerted that a group of villages at the border have begun to sway towards the Allied cause. This must not be allowed. Make use of our new shock troopers, and set an example for other potential defectors!

[This space left intentionally blank.]

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Destroy the villages and all allied presence in the area.

Briefing: A small border town has been voicing support for the Allied cause. These people are no longer soviets, but enemies to our great empire. As enemies, they must be destroyed. Take Stalin's elite shock troopers and show them the iron might of the Soviet army. No doubt, the rabble will seek help from the minute allied influence in the area. Whatever pathetic support they can muster, it will not be enough. Crush them all -- let nothing stop you.

Author's note: Another wonderful mission with plenty of triggers, a rather open-ended design, and also a great introduction and pseudo-tutorial on the capabilities of the Soviet Shock Trooper.